Lincoln County

April 10, 2009

EF-scale:  EF1
Deaths:  0

Injuries:  0
Path width:  100 yards
Path kength:  6.5 miles
Time:  3:17pm EDT - 3:27pm EDT
Once the tornado crossed into Lincoln County from Pulaski County near Eubank, it first destroyed a metal shed and blew it 700 feet away.  Half of the roof of a mobile home was also taken off.  The tornado then crossed US 27, destroying several barns, uprooting and snapping trees, and damaging several homes.  Three miles east of Waynesburg a mobile home was completely destroyed and a house was pushed 30 feet off of its foundation.  The tornado was at its strongest right before it dissipated.  The tornado went over a hill and down into a hollow where multiple vortices were witnessed.  A mobile home was destroyed and a conventional home was shoved 10 feet off of its foundation.  The tornado dissipated about a minute later.

tornado on Pulaski/Lincoln County line Click on the picture to watch an excellent video of the birth of the tornado near Eubank.  8.7Mb  Osterloh

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Lincoln County Stay away from windows when a tornado or severe thunderstorm is approaching!
Lincoln County  It only took 100mph winds to demolish this mobile home.  Mobile homes offer no protection from tornadic winds.
Lincoln County  Another view of where the mobile home used to be.
Lincoln County  Here's what's left of it.  Fortunately the residents of this home were able to get out before the tornado struck, and everyone made it through the storm without injury.
Lincoln County  The winds in even a small tornado are powerful enough to do significant damage.
Lincoln County  A child's toy.
Lincoln County  This home was pushed, virtually intact, right off of its foundation.
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