Tornado at Paoli, Indiana
November 14, 2011


Begin time:  7:32 PM EST
End time:  7:35 PM EST
Begin point:  0.7 mi west of Paoli (38.55°N, 86.48°W)
End point:  1.3 mi east-northeast of Paoli (38.56°N, 86.45°W)
EF Scale:  EF-1
Wind speed:  100 mph
Path length:  2 miles
Path width:  50 yards
Inuuries:  0
Fatalities:  0

The tornado spun up west of Star Field on the north side of the Paoli School Complex, destroying a 100 year old barn and heavily damaging the roofs of two other outbuildings. It then took a large section of roofing off the Paoli Police Department building on West Main Street before snapping several trees along Lick Creek as it moved east-northeast toward the city square. On the square, the tornado ripped the metal roofs off of Reflections Flower Shop and Liberty Furniture.  Three chimneys of the Orange County Courthouse collapsed, most likely when hit by roof debris.  After crossing the square, the tornado continued moving east-northeast for another one and a quarter miles, snapping and uprooting trees and causing minor roof damage to several homes. Near the end of its path, the tornado spread debris from a metal outbuilding one tenth of a mile onto North Marshall Road.

This is the 61st tornado of 2011 in the NWS Louisville County Warning Area.

track map

Click on the image to see a large version of the tornado's track map.

Here are some photos from the NWS Storm Survey Team.  Click on an image for a larger version.

Paoli Tornado Paoli Tornado Paoli Tornado Paoli Tornado Paoli Tornado
This tree was blown down by non-tornadic winds on West Hospital Rd. Fortunately, no one was in the part of the home crushed by this tree when it fell Typical roof damage in Paoli One of several lamp posts snapped on the Square Roof debris knocked several bricks loose on this building on the Square
Paoli Tornado Paoli Tornado Paoli Tornado Paoli Tornado Paoli Tornado
Roof debris at the corner of 2nd St. and E Campbell St. Northeast of the Square on E Campbell St. The downwind view of the Liberty Furniture building A vacant building north of the Square The roof of Reflections Flower Shop lies on the Square
Paoli Tornado Paoli Tornado Paoli Tornado Paoli Tornado Paoli Tornado
Shattered glass in the storefront of Maggie's Roof debris on the square. Three of the four chimneys on the Courthouse collapsed The roof of Liberty Furniture was blown off A snapped lamp post on the County Courthouse lawn
Paoli Tornado Paoli Tornado Paoli Tornado Paoli Tornado Paoli Tornado
Southeast view of Liberty Furniture Another broken lamp post on the Paoli City Square The roof of the Police Station A second view of the Police Station roof debris Rafters exposed on the roof of the Paoli Police Station
Paoli Tornado Paoli Tornado Paoli Tornado Paoli Tornado  
Vinyl siding peeled south of the Square The tornado began where this photo was snapped A machine shed near the starting point of the tornado west of Star Field. All that remains of a 100 year old barn where the tornado first touched down  

Below is a reflectivity loop of a line of strong storms that moved ahead of a cold front across southern Indiana and north central Kentucky late in the evening of November 14, 2011. The line of strong storms produced wind damage and a possible tornado in Paoli, IN. Notice how certain segments of the line of storms bow out at times. This is a radar signature commonly associated with damaging winds.

radar loop

Below is a strom relative velocity loop of a line of strong to severe storms that moved across southern Indiana and north central Kentucky in the late evening hours of November 14, 2011. An area of rotation can be seen on the image as it develops and moves across southern Indiana. Paoli, IN was in the path of this signature where a storm damage survey is being conducted.

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