NWS Doppler Radar (WSR-88D) Example Products

Different radar products can be displayed in a 4-panel layout to assess storm structure. In the image, the top 2 panels show reflectivity data at 2 different elevation angles. The bottom panels show base velocity at the same 2 levels as in reflectivity at top. Thus, 2 different products at 2 different levels are displayed. Another product called All-Tilts can quickly show all radar elevation angles of reflectivity and velocity to provide the best storm analysis.

In this event, thunderstorms over Harrison County, IN moved southeast on July 10, 2013. Velocity data showed winds over 60 kts (around 70 mph) at 2000-3000 ft off the ground over northern Harrison (light blue color in bottom left panel) associated with these storms. Winds were a little lighter around 6000 ft up (bottom right panel). The storms produced several reports of wind damage as they moved across Louisville and Jefferson County, KY shortly after this time.

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