NWS Louisville Photo Album:
Thunderstorms and Tornadoes 2006

Special page:  Wind damage in Campbellsville, Kentucky May 18
Special page:  Storms of April 7
Special page:  Tornadoes of January 2

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Elizabethtown Wind damage in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, on March 9.
Pleasure Ridge Park Thunderstorm damage in Pleasure Ridge Park, Kentucky, on March 9.
Mammatus over the Louisville weather office  Turbulent skies above the NWS office March 28. NWS
kfc Strong thunderstorm winds felled this KFC sign April 2.
Stamping Ground A severe storm bears down on Stamping Ground, Kentucky, April 2.
Logan County Trees blown down in Logan County on April 2.
Sunrise skyThunderstorm over Hodgenville, Kentucky on April 20 at 8:20 in the morning.  Michael Zahrndt
hailfall  Small hail piling up in Alvaton, Kentucky (Warren County) shortly before sunrise on April 20.  Bill Blondin
Richmond, kentucky  Richmond, Kentucky on April 25.
Tornado near Sonora, Kentucky on May 3, 2006 Damage from a small tornado near Sonora, Kentucky (Hardin County) on May 3. NWS
Storm damage May 10, 2006, possibly in southern Indiana  Storm damage May 10. NWS
low mammatus  Low-hanging mammatus clouds above Lexington, Kentucky on May 18.  Blake Gibson
mammatus Mammatus clouds above Jeffersontown, Kentucky May 25.
lightning Lightning striking Elizabethtown May 25.  Adam Chadbourne
maelstrom Incredible turbulence over Frankfort May 25.  Josh Stamper
sunset Sunset in Crawford County, Indiana, May 25.  WadeBell
lots of information!! Your National Weather Service puts out a lot of information during severe weather events, as shown by this impressive stack of NWS products from May 25.
Clarksville tcu  A "towering cumulus" cloud sitting over Clarksville, Indiana, as viewed from Lanesville, Indiana, around 6pm on May 29.  Alan Stewart
ghostly mammatus Ghostly mammatus cloud formations over Jeffersontown, Kentucky on June 7.  NWS
evening mammatus Mammatus clouds over Lexington, Kentucky, June 19.
more mammatus Sunset at Lexington, Kentucky, June 19.
cb Thunderstorm as viewed from LaRue County on June 19.  Code3 Images
Mount Washington, Kentucky  Mammatus clouds over Mount Washington, Kentucky (Bullitt County) in June.  Michael Montgomery
Destroyed barn in Monroe County  A destroyed barn in Monroe County from storms on July 4.  George Stewart
Supercell Storm one mile west of Curby, Indiana (Crawford County) on September 27.  Wade Bell
Storm Storm one mile west of Curby, Indiana (Crawford County) on September 27.  Wade Bell
Lightning Storm one mile west of Curby, Indiana (Crawford County) on September 27.  Wade Bell

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