NWS Louisville Photo Album:
Thunderstorms and Tornadoes 2011

Special page:  February 24 Tornadoes and Wind Damage

Special page:  February 28 Tornadoes and Wind Damage

Special page:  April 4 Tornadoes

Special page:  April 9 Hail and High Winds

Special page:  April 19-20 Tornado Outbreak

Special page:  April 22 Woodford County Tornadoes

Special page:  April 23 Harrison County, Kentucky Tornado

Special page:  April 26 100 mph straight-line winds in Logan County

Special page:  April 26 Grayson County and Hardin County Tornadoes

Special page:  April 27 Tornadoes in Green, Monroe, and Cumberland Counties

Special page:  Huge hail May 10 in Harrison KY, Bourbon, and Nicholas Counties

Special page:  June 22 Louisville Area Tornadoes

Special page:  June 26 Dubois and Perry County Tornadoes

Special page:  August 13 wind damage along Interstate 64

Special page:  November 14 Paoli Tornado

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gustnado gustnado gustnado gustnado
This series of photographs was taken by Josh Durkee, PhD., Assistant Professor of Meteorology at Western Kentucky University, in Bowling Green on April 11.  Because this feature has some characteristics  of a tornado and forms on a gust front, it is called a gustnado.  These small spin-ups form on the leading edge of a gust front ahead of a thunderstorm or line of thunderstorms.  They form from the ground up, as opposed to a tornado that begins its life in a thunderstorm cloud and builds down.  However, gustandoes do spin like a tornado (although much weaker) and can look very much like a tornado.  It is rare for a gustnado to cause damage.  A similar storm struck downtown Louisville on April 22, 2005.

storm clouds over bowling green Storm clouds over Bowling Green on April 11.  Josh Durkee
Barn down is Jessamine County A barn was destroyed by thunderstorm winds just north of Nicholasville on April 11.  Forwarded to us by Bill Meck/WLEX
Barn down in Jessamine County Same barn as shown in the previous picture.  Forwarded to us by Bill Meck/WLEX


Horan Lane, Lebanon, KY northern Marion County, Kentucky
3.5 miles east of Lebanon on Lakeland Drive  Aaron Mathewson
Loretto, Kentucky Marion County
These four photos were taken in northern Marion County on the afternoon of April 15.   The damage was caused by non-thunderstorm winds associated with an area of light rain showers and a rapid change in barometric pressure.


Warren County Warren County Warren County Warren County
These four photos were sent to us by the Emergency Manager of Warren County.  Straight line winds did this damage on Loving Road in Oakland on the morning of April 24.

The following pictures were taken by Mike Howard in northeastern Jefferson County, Kentucky on May 23:

Prospect River Road in Louisville Springhurst Wolf Pen Branch Wolf Pen Branch
Prospect River Road Springhurst Wolf Pen Branch Wolf Pen Branch

This next set of pictures is from a storm that moved to the southeast across Bowling Green and Allen County on the afternoon of June 5.  The first picture is from southern Warren County, and the rest are from Allen County.

South of Bowling Green Allen County Allen County Allen County Allen County

Following are some lightning damage pictures from a non-severe thundershower that occurred around 9:00 AM CDT on Wednesday June 15.  Lightning struck a large oak tree in the front yard of this home. The tree was split into 3 sections and remained standing. Bark and debris from the tree struck in dozens of places on the side of the house making holes, some rather large all over the vinyl siding, shutters as well as window.  Lightning exited the tree and entered the residence where it did major damage to the wall where internet box was located, there were wallboard screws protruding all through the house, tile kitchen floor was cracked in 2 places, insulation around duct work was removed, interior AC vents in the floor were blown out, and paint on the railing of the porch was removed, almost like it had blistered up.  There was a burnt place on the roof, some minor wallboard crack, window/wall separation, and the internet box exploded with pieces imbedded in the ceiling. A box of crystal glass was on the floor, it broke one of them in the box that had never been opened.  There was damage, minor cracks, all through the house. Three occupants were inside the residence at time of strike but no one was injured. The homeowner sustained hearing loss for several hours after the incident.  The fire department were summoned but no fire was found.  Credit: Daniel Wilson: WHVE-FM
lightning lightning lightning lightning
lightning lightning lightning  

June 19, 2011 A squall advancing on LaRue County at 8:30 in the morning on June 19.  Larry Jaggers
June 19, 2011 A tree blown down in Pleasure Ridge Park (Jefferson County, Kentucky) at the intersection of Valley Station Road and Scrim Avenue on the morning of June 19.  Tony Bright
Shepherdsville hail Hail near Shepherdsville on the morning of June 20.
Crawford County shelf cloud An excellent photo of a shelf cloud crossing Crawford County on July 3.  Allison Howell
Lexington, KY A storm advancing on Lexington, KY at 8:44pm on July 19.  David W. Clements
Lexington KY Another storm coming in to Lexington, this one on the morning of August 3.  Brooke Katz
Lexington KY Another view of the same storm pictured above.  John Bradshaw

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