Daily Wx Briefing

Welcome. The following are a selection of critical weather products for the region. Click on each map for additional details. Note that some images may load slowly due to high demand on their source servers. This page was dynamically generated at: Mar 04 2015 09:37:53 GMT

Radar Mosaic

Click on the image for the Louisville radar.

SPC Watch, Warning, and Advisory Display

Updated every 10 minutes. Severe thunderstorm warnings (watches) denoted by blue dots (lines), tornado by red dots (lines), and flash flood by green dots.

SPC Mesoscale Discussions

These are meteorological discussions regarding significant weather in the short term (i.e. severe thunderstorms, heavy rainfall, etc.)

SPC Day One Severe Convective Outlook

Updated at least five times daily, first around 2 AM EDT.

SPC Day Two Severe Convective Outlook

Normally updated twice daily, first between roughly 2 and 3 AM EDT.

SPC Day Three Severe Convective Outlook

Updated once each day, normally between 3 and 5 AM EDT.

HPC Excessive Rainfall Outlook

Areas of potentially heavy rainfall in the first 24 hours of the forecast are highlighted. Click on the image for a technical discussion.

HPC Day One Rainfall Forecast

Click on the image for a technical discussion.

NWS AWC FL330 Turbulence Forecast

Computer generated turbulence forecast for roughly 3-6 hours from now at 33,000 feet. Click on the image for more options.

Latest NDFD Forecast: Daylight Forecast

Louisville Area Forecast Discussion