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 Terminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAF, FTUS43 KLMK)

Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts are routinely issued every 6 hours, and are valid 24 hours from issuance time.  The product provides a forecast of cloud heights and ceilings, wind direction and speed and associated wind shear, visibilities, and prevailing weather conditions.  Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts are issued for Louisville International Airport in Louisville, Bluegrass Field in Lexington, and Warren County Regional Airport in Bowling Green.

Product Example >> Current Product

KBWG 302324Z 010024 16007KT P6SM SCT050 BKN100
      BECMG 0103 17004KT SCT050
     FM0800 17004KT P6SM SCT050
      TEMPO 0912 4SM HZ
     FM1300 20006KT P6SM SCT035
     FM1600 21010KT P6SM SCT040
      TEMPO 1822 BKN040=
KSDF 261120Z 261212 08007KT 6SM -RA SCT040 OVC070
      TEMPO 1216 5SM -RA OVC040
     FM1600 06006KT P6SM -RA SCT020 OVC040
     FM2000 11007KT 4SM RA BR OVC020
     FM0100 09008KT 3SM RA BR OVC015
      TEMPO 0204 1SM TSRA OVC012CB=
KLEX 271735Z 271818 31012G18KT P6SM BKN025
      BECMG 2123 34012G18KT P6SM SCT025
     FM0200 VRB03KT P6SM SKC=
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