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Weather in Northern Illinois and Northwest Indiana has created many fascinating events over the years. With new technologies available to the National Weather Service combined with enhanced display capabilities, it is now possible to view these events with some clarity.

Through the medium of this webpage we are attempting to document aspects of the weather which occurs over Northeast and North central Illinois along with Northwest Indiana. Note, however, some the individual case write-ups are composed on a level for the professional meteorologist or dedicated student.

We hope you enjoy the presentations. Comments or suggestions can be directed to the webmaster.


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Tornadoes: Any severe weather event in the area that produced significant tornadoes.

Wind/Hail: Includes both straight-line winds from thunderstorms, strong and damaging winds not associated with precipitation, and significant hail events.

Heavy Rain / Flood: Any weather event marked by either substantial or record-setting rainfall or flooding.

Extreme Temperatures: Any event with much above or below average temperatures for an extended period of time.

Winter Weather: Any major winter storm, including both snow and ice storms.

Other Events: Any weather event of notoriety that does not fit into other classifications.

Studies: Analysis and review of any important meteorological or climatological event.


 Science-Weather Events in Northern Illinois and Northwest Indiana 

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  Wind / Hail                                                                                                              


   Heavy Rain / Flood                                                                                                   


   Extreme Temperatures                                                                                              


   Winter Weather                                                                                                        


   Other Events                                                                                                            






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  • November 24, 2004 Review of Thanksgiving-eve snowstorm in Northeast IL
  • July 13, 2004 Supercell with large hail, wind damage and brief tornado
  • May 2004 Review of severe weather event in Northeast IL and Northwest IN
  • April 20, 2004 Tornado outbreak in relatively small CAPE environment pdf file
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