Southern Dwight, IL Tornado - June 5, 2010
Updated 6/10/2010

Maximum Tornado Intensity: EF-2
Estimated Maximum Winds:  125 mph
Estimated Maximum Path Width: 300 yards
Tornado Path Length: 5.8 miles
Tornado Began: 9:12 PM CDT
Tornado Lifted: 9:22 PM CDT
Injuries: 6

The beginning of the Dwight tornado occurred at around 9:17 PM CDT about 6 miles west of Dwight and about a quarter mile south of IL Route 17.  On N 2100 E Rd 0.3 miles south of IL Route 17 a farm house sustained damage to windows, siding, and shingles with many tree branches nearby snapped off. The tornado at this point was rated EF1, with a path width of 70 yards. Debris were spread 200 yards across the field at N 2300E Rd. 

The tornado proceeded to strike the golf course at N 2400 E Rd where numerous large trees were snapped and uprooted. Golf card sheds were unroofed or severely damaged.   At this point the tornado was rated low end EF-2 with a path width of 300 yards. The tornado then moved east across I-55 and moved into Dwight, damaging a lumber yard. At Williams Street and old route 66 a mobile home park was hit. Six people were injured, one seriously, and a dozen mobile homes were destroyed, with several more significantly damaged. Damage here was rated EF-2. Large trees were uprooted and power poles were snapped at the railroad tracks. At a ball field a little farther east, trees and fences were damaged. Slightly farther east, there was minor damage to a church and the high school auditorium roof. A storage garage was destroyed at the high school. 

The tornado than continued east into a subdivision between Philmar Street and Prospect Avenue where many large trees were downed on top of homes. At Sunset Drive and Wilmac Street a garage door and roof were taken off. A roof was taken off a house on Linden Street a half block west of Il Route 47. Damage in Dwight was rated high end EF-1 to low end EF-2. The tornado dissipated in an open field east of Route 47. The tornado reformed along the north side of E 3100 N Rd between, N 3100 E Rd and N 3200 E Rd for ¼ mile, and was rated EF-0 here. There was additional minor damage to tree limbs and a metal farm outbuilding for ½ mile along the north side of E 3100 N Rd between N 3400 E Rd and N 3500 E Rd. The tornado here was rated EF-0 with a path width of 20 yards.     

Picture of Dwight, IL tornadoes on Rt. 17 looking east, 1 mile west of Dwight. Taken by Peter Nichols. June 5, 2010
Huge wall cloud, 2 tornadoes, and funnel cloud to right.


Map of the two tornado tracks in Dwight, IL on June 5, 2010

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