St. Anne Tornado - June 5, 2010
Updated 6/8/2010

Maximum Tornado Intensity: EF-3
Estimated Maximum Winds:  140 mph
Estimated Maximum Path Width: 175 yards
Tornado Path Length: 7.8 miles
Tornado Began: 10:18 PM CDT
Tornado Lifted: 10:37 PM CDT
At around 10:18 PM CDT another tornado touched down approximately 3 miles northwest of St. Anne in Kankakee county. The tornado developed just west of Rd 6000E and tracked to the east where it produced damage to a home and a garage along this road. At this location, a single family home collapsed upon itself leaving it uninhabitable with the garage sustaining damage to its roof and exterior walls. The tornado was rated EF-2 with winds estimated at around 110 mph and a path width of 50 yards.

The tornado continued to move to the east northeast where it increased in intensity as it encountered yet another family home at the intersection of Route 1 and Rd 4000S. This home and the garage/barn next to it sustained considerable damage also leaving the home uninhabitable. The damage to the home consisted of all the walls collapsing with all remaining debris from the house tossed to the northeast.   The garage also had its walls collapse with the contents inside of it tossed to the east. Two four-wheelers and a four-door automobile inside the garage were lifted and flipped over as the tornado passed. Damage just to the north of this home along Route 1 consisted of minor structure damage to a couple of homes and several trees uprooted to the southeast, with all damage in this location laying in a convergent manner to the east. Damage at this location was rated EF-3 with winds estimated at around 140 mph and a path width of 175 yards.

As this tornado continued, it moved to the northeast while it lost its intensity as it came across another residence at the intersection of Rd 4000S and Rd 8500E. Here, the house sustained partial damage to its roof with several surrounding trees having limbs sheared at the top. With the tornado weakening at this point, damage was rated EF-1 with winds estimated at around 100 mph and a path width of 50 yards.

The tornado moved to the northeast through a wooded area providing damage to many trees along its way. The more significant damage occurred near the intersection of Rd 13000E and Gamble Rd in the Hopkins Park area where several healthy large hardwood tree tops were sheared/broken. Some residences observed damage as these trees fell upon their homes. The tornado continued to weaken with damage rated EF-1 with winds estimate at around 88 mph and a path width of 50 yards. It was along Rd 13000E where the tornado appeared to lift with no other damage evident beyond this point.

Map of the tornado track in St. Anne, IL on June 5, 2010

 Tornado track of St. Anne, IL Tornado on June 5, 2010

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