Streator, IL Tornado - June 5, 2010
Updated 6/10/2010


Maximum Tornado Intensity: EF- 2
Estimated Maximum Winds:  130 mph
Estimated Maximum Path Width: 1/4 to 1/2 mile
Tornado Path Length: ~ 18 miles
Tornado Began: 8:35 PM CDT
Tornado Lifted: 8:57 PM CDT
Injuries: 17

Shortly after the Magnolia, IL tornado lifted, the same supercell thunderstorm went on to produce another tornado shortly thereafter near the Marshall and LaSalle County line. National Weather Service damage survey teams found the damage from this tornado began just west of 2900 E and about one quarter mile south of 1250 N or N 12th Rd...which is the road that marks the county line. This tornado continued eastward tracking along and just north of N12th Rd producing primarily EF-0 to EF-1 intensity damage, largely in the form of downed trees...powerlines...and very minor structural damage.

After the tornado moved past E 9th Rd the damage became more sporadic...which corresponded with spotter and storm chasers who reported that the tornado was not continuously on the ground before it reached Streator. Damage became more consistent again as the tornado moved east of E 12th Rd remaining just north of N12th the tornado appears to have remained on the ground from this point east into the city of Streator. The damage from E 9th Rd east to E 15th Rd was rated EF-0 intensity and consisted primarily of minor tree damage.
The tornado appears to have intensified as it moved into the city of Streator with EF-2 intensity damage near the Eagle Pass subdivision where there was significant tree damage along with portions of roofs removed from well built single family homes. The tornado continued eastward across southern portions of the city of Streator damaging numerous homes and completely destroying several homes. Some of the most intense damage in Streator occurred along Hall St and near Southside Athletic Park where damage was rated higher end EF-2. The most intense damage occurred in approximately one quarter mile wide path through the city of Streator.
The tornado then continued eastward out of the city of Streator producing additional EF-0 to EF-1 intensity damage along the Livingston and LaSalle county border. The tornado appears to have jogged slightly southward before lifting just east near the county line just to the west of E 22nd Rd.

Map of the tornado track through Streator, IL on June 5, 2010

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