Figure 1: Detailed damage map of the wind and tornado damage in mid-town St. Louis on March 31st, 2007
Figure 2: Tree damage near the intersection of Flora Place and 39th Streets. Viewing southwest on Flora Place Avenue.
Figure 3: Roof damage to three structure on Blaine Avenue approximately 150 yards west of Grand Ave. Viewing west northwest. Three witnesses observed roofing material rising vertically into the funnel.
Figure 4: Windows blown out at one of two parking garages on the south campus of Saint Louis University. Viewing north.
Figure 5: Sheet metal blown away from the supports of a large sign off of Interstate 64 and just west of Jefferson Avenue. Viewing up and to the east.
Figure 6: Remains of the sign on Interstate 64 just west of Jefferson Avenue blocking eastbound traffic at 6 PM from a webcam on the campus of Saint Louis University. Viewing to the east-southeast.
Figure 7: Radar reflectivity data at 5:45 PM CDT.
Figure 8: Radar reflectivity data at 5:50 PM CDT.
Figure 9: Radar reflectivity data at 5:55 PM CDT.

St. Louis, Missouri

Bow Echo Event over the city 
of St. Louis, Missouri
March 31st, 2007

Late Saturday afternoon, March 31st, 2007, a bow echo embedded within a larger squall line was responsible for spawning a weak tornado over mid-town St. Louis City and scattered wind damage.  Other reports of wind damage occurred near the intersection of Kingshighway and Interstate 64 and in the Baldwin area.  The larger squall line formed in an unseasonably warm and moist airmass ahead of a southeastward moving weak cold front.  The warm air was replaced by slightly cooler and drier air.

Click here to see the storm reports for this event (.pdf file).

Damage Map of bow echo event in St. Louis March 31st, 2007
Tree damage
Roof damage

Windows blown out

Sign damage

Sign blown onto Interstate 64

Radar image at 545 pm CDT

Radar image at 550 pm CDT

Radar image at 555 pm CDT




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