Tornado Damage Survey Map.
Trees and houses damaged along N. McKnight Road in University City, Missouri.
A large tree on McKnight, adjacent to Ruth Park Golf Club, suffered significant damage by the twisting of the branches.
Many large trees were uprooted and branches broken off, along with houses experiencing damage to siding, roofs, and windows from flying debris and estimated winds around 100 mph along Charters Ave in University City, Missouri.

St. Louis, Missouri

Olivette/University City EF1 Tornado

April 3rd 2014

Survey Summary:

A weak tornado touched down just west of Interstate 170 in the backyard of a residence on Stoneleigh Towers St. at 5:19 a.m. CDT,  uprooting several large mature hardwood trees and topping a large pine tree.  It crossed Interstate 170 and caused minor damage to trees and roofs in an apartment complex and adjacent office building along Old Towne Dr.  The tornado then caused more significant tree damage east along Rowland Drive toward N. McKnight Road.  A few houses were hit by trees causing signifcant damage. The tornado grew to its largest width, about 100 yards, while crossing N. McKnight Road.  It is here that the most concentrated damage occurred with many houses loosing siding, roofing and having windows blown out by debris.  Many large trees were uprooted and one tree adjacent to the Ruth Park Golf Club experienced significant twisting of the branches. The tornado continued east causing similar damage along Charters Ave.  The tornado then weakened and dissipated at 5:21 a.m. after uprooting several large trees in the Ruth Park Golf Club.  A total of 100 buildings were damaged by the tornado and damaging straight line thunderstorm winds, 20 had significant damage, and several cars were destroyed by falling trees or large limbs.

Rating:  EF1
Estimated Peak Wind: 100 MPH
Path Length: 0.6 miles
Path Width: 100 yards

Fatalities: 0
Injuries: 0

Start Date: 04/03/2014
Start Time: 5:19 a.m. CDT
Start Location:  Olivette
Start LAT/LON: 38.6700 /-90.3625

End Date:  04/03/2014
End Time: 5:21 a.m. CDT
End Location: University City
End LAT/LON: 38.6682 / -90.3511


damage survey
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