Figure 1: Wall cloud visible northwest of Warrenton in Warren County, Missouri.
Figure 2: Wall cloud visible west of Troy in Lincoln County, Missouri.
Figure 3: Wall cloud and Funnel Cloud near Hawk Point in Lincoln County, Missouri.
Figure 4: Reflectivity image of hook echo near Hawk Point in Lincoln County, Missouri.

St. Louis, Missouri

Tornadic Supercell
April 23rd, 2010

Tornadic Supercell Produces Little Damage Along 22 Mile Long Path

Intermittent reports of wall clouds, funnel clouds, and tornadoes accompanied a supercell thunderstorm as it moved from southern Warren County to Lincoln County in Missouri during the evening of April 23rd, 2010.  The supercell became tornadic just as it crossed the warm front, likely ingesting a vorticity rich environment.  The storm moved fairly slow, compared to most of the storms that we experience around here, moving only 25 to 35 mph to the northeast.   Spotters, chasers, and local law enforcement captured photos of the classic supercell, but thankfully little if any damage was confirmed with the sporadic weak tornado touchdowns.

The tornado was classified an EF0 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale and had an intermittent track of 22 miles from the first confirmed touchdown 4 miles northwest of Warrenton to the final report 5 miles northeast of Silex.  Below are some photos of the wall cloud and funnel, along with a reflectivity image of the supercell and hook echo near Hawk Point.

Click here to see the storm reports for this event (.pdf file).

Wall Cloud
Wall Cloud
Wall Cloud and Funnel Cloud

Storm Chaser John Farley Event Summary With Video

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