Figure 1: Reflectivity (left) and Storm Relative Velocity (right) Radar Image of Supercell near Cook Station (Crawford County, Missouri).
Figure 2: Tornado damage to tree near Cook Station.
Figure 3: Tornado damage to large healthy oak trees at Carr Cemetary (Near Cook Station).
Figure 4: Tornado track across southwest Crawford County (Near Cook Station)
Figure 5: Reflectivity (left) and Storm Relative Velocity (right) Radar Image of Supercell In Jeffeson County, Missouri.
Figure 6: Lead Forecaster Fred Glass surveys the tornado damage to a garage.
Figure 7: Tornado damage to a house on Lake Tishomingo (Photo Courtesy of KMOV-TV).
Figure 8: Tornado track across Jefferson County, Missouri.
Figure 9: Reflectivity (left) and Storm Relative Velocity (right) Radar Image of Supercell In Monroe County, Illinois.
Figure 10: Tornado damage in Monroe County, Illinois. 
Figure 11: Tornado damage in Mornoe County, Illinois.
Figure 12: Tornado tracks across Monroe County, Illinois.
Figure 13: Tornado damage to trees near Mississippi River.
Figure 14: Tornado damage to trees near Mississippi River.
Figure 15: Tornado damage in Monroe County, Illinois.
Figure 16: Tornado damage in Mornoe County, Illinois.

St. Louis, Missouri

Severe Weather Event
April 30th 2010

The National Weather Service in St. Louis is investigating areas that observed tree and structural damage from the severe thunderstorms that affected the area during the afternoon and evening of April 30th. This process will take time to complete as possible tornado tracks stretch across miles of rural MIssouri and Illinois. Information from these storm surveys is posted below.

Southwest Crawford County Near Cook Station

A tornado touched down 5 miles west of Cook Station at 6:50 p.m. CDT.  The tornado paralleled/crossed Route YY several times and lifted 3.5 miles west-northwest of Cook Station at 6:53 p.m CDT.  Damage was observed at the Carr Cemetary and The Big Game Ranch. Damage consisted of snapped and uprooted trees and downed branches.  The worst damage was at the Carr Cemetary where a number of large healthy oak trees were snapped just above the base of the trunk.  The tornado was rated an EF1 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale with maximum wind speeds of 90 to 95 mph, a total path length of 2 miles, and a maximum width of 100 yards.

Damage Track

Jefferson County Including Lake Tishomingo 

A tornado initially touched down 3 miles northwest of Fletcher just inside the Jefferson County line.  The tornado traveled northeast crossing just north of Morse Mill on State Highway B.  The tornado continued northeast passing through Lake Tishomingo and finally lifted 1.5 miles southwest of Otto.

The tornado snapped and uprooted numerous trees and downed numerous tree limbs along the entire path.  There were several areas of more substantial damage.  On Brook Hollow Lane, three miles north-northwest of Fletcher, a home was damaged with part of the roof removed and a wall of the garage destroyed.  Also on Brook Hollow Lane a manufactured home sustained roof, siding, and window damage.

Another area of damage was along Highway B just north of the Big River.  An outbuilding of the Morse MIll Baptist Chursh had the ovehead doors caved in, which caused the roof to be removed and parts of the exterior walls to fail.

The last area of significant damage was at Lake Tishomingo, especially along the north shore.  Several of the homes suffered damage to roofs and porches.  Also a number of homes were damaged when trees fell on them.

he tornado was rated an EF1 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale, with maximum wind speeds of 100 MPH.  The tornado path length was 17.5 miles and the maximum width of the tornado was 1/3 of a mile wide.

Damage Track

Monroe County Illinois

Two seperate tornadoes were responsible for damage that occurred in Northern Monroe County, Ilinois.  It appears that the first tornado initially touched down about 3 miles southwest of Merrimac, Merrimac Road on the levi, and lifted about 1 mile west of Kise Crossing.  The time of the initial touchdown was 8:50 p.m. CDT.  Several large trees along a 2.5 mile area were downed just west of the levi. The total path length was about 7 miles, with a maximum width of 350 yards. 

The greatest degree of damage occurred on 200 E just south of the intersection of 200 E and Merrimac Road.  The roof of a two story home was approximately 80 percent removed.  A second roof to a porch was totally removed and blown to the north-northeast.  Window and siding damage was also observed. Several trees and large limbs at the back of this home were severely damaged and helped to show a large convergent damage pattern.  Two other homes west of the first home sustained varying degrees of damage.  Roof, window, and sidding damage was common at these two locations.  Several other trees near these homes laid to the east further supporting the convergence damage pattern.

A large hanger at Jacobs Field, northeast of the home damage, sustained varying degrees of damage.  Large sections of a hanger/s metal roof were blown 1/4 to 1/2 mile to the north-northeast.  The tornado continued to damage small to medium size machine sheds and caused minor damage to a few homes along its path. The damage intensity of the tornado was rated EF2 on the enhanced Fujita Scale with maximum wind speeds of 115 to 120 mph.

A second tornado in Monroe County briefly touched down on Deer Hill Road approximately 1.5 miles southwest of the intersection Deer Hill Road and County Road HH. A few large trees and several large tree limbs were downed by the tornado. One home in the path of this tornado sustained shingle damage.  The damage path length of this tornado was 250 yards long, while the damage width was 40 to 50 yards wide.  The damage was rated EF0 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale. The initial tornado touchdown was approximately 8:57 p.m. CDT.

Damage Track

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