Figure 1: Map of the Montgomery-Christian county tornado and downbursts on May 24th, 2006. Note the area of downburst winds along and north of the tornado track. Arrows point to the direction of the downbursts. Estimated wind speeds in the area of the downbursts ranged from 50 to 65 mph.
Figure 2: Machine shed destroyed near the intersection of county roads 3100N & 800E in northern Montgomery county IL. Viewing southwest.
Figure 3: Debris from the machine shed scattered over an open corn field. Viewing southeast.
Figure 4: Second machine shed damaged by the tornado. The nearby farm home also sustained roof and window damage. Viewing northeast.
Figure 5: Northern part of the machine shed. Debris from the machine shed was tossed several hundred feet to the southeast. Viewing southwest.
Figure 6: Reflectivity image from WSR-88D (St. Louis - KLSX) at 0.5 degree elevation slice at 4:01 PM CDT. Storm 2 accelerates eastward and eventually merges along the western side of a small-supercell (Storm 1) over northern Macoupin County.
Figure 7: Storm-relative velocity image from KLSX at the same time (4:01 PM CDT). A moderate intensity mesocyclone is associated with the small-supercell.
Figure 8: Reflectivity image from KLSX at 0.5 degree elevation slice at 4:11 PM (ten minutes later). Merger is nearly complete between the small supercell and the eastward accelerated storm within the line.
Figure 9: Storm-relative velocity image from KLSX at the same time (4:11 PM CDT). The mesocyclone weakens at this time. The tornado initially touched down at approximately 4:05 PM CDT.
Figure 10: Map of the Bond County Illinois tornadoes on May 24th, 2006. All three tornadoes caused F0 intensity damage over parts of northern Bond County.
Figure 11: Several medium to large trees were snapped about half way up a third of a mile south of the intersection of Red Ball Trail and Hastings Cemetery Road in northern Bond County Illinois, viewing west.
Figure 12: A machine shed on Hastings Cemetery Road was destroyed on this farm by the first tornado. Debris from the machine shed was tossed to the east-southeast. Viewing east-southeast. Much of the damage associated with the three weak tornadoes was tree damage.
Figure 13: Reflectivity image from KLSX (0.5 degree) at 5:48 PM CDT showing a High-Precipitation supercell (Storm 1) and a strong thunderstorm (Storm 2) upshear of the HP storm. Between 5:40 and 5:50 PM storm 2 accelerated eastward and merged on the western flank of the HP storm.
Figure 14: Storm-relative velocity data showing a strong mesocyclone associated with the HP storm. The three tornadoes occurred from 5:51 through 5:54 PM CDT.

St. Louis, Missouri

Tornado Event Over
Southwest Illinois
May 24th, 2006

During the afternoon and early evening hours of May 24th, 2006 clusters of severe thunderstorms moved across parts of northeast, east central and southeast Missouri and much of central and southern Illinois. Most of the storms produced hail. However storm mergers were responsible for a few tornadoes. One developed over northern Montgomery County Illinois and moved into Christian County Illinois (WFO Lincoln's forecast area) and three tornadoes developed over northern Bond County Illinois.

Damage Map of tornado over Montgomery County May 24th, 2006
Machine shed destroyed
Debris from machine shed in an open field

Another machine shed damaged by tornado

Another view of damaged machine shed

Reflectivity image at 401 PM CDT

Storm-Relative velocity image at 401 PM CDT

Reflectivity image at 411 PM CDT

Storm-Relative velocity image at 411 PM CDT

Damage Map of tornadoes over Bond County May 24th, 2006

Tree damage

Machine shed destroyed

Reflectivity image at 548 PM CDT

Storm-Relative velocity image at 549 PM CDT



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