St. Charles County Missouri Flash Flood Event Overview

Memorial Day Weekend May 25-26 2008

Severe thunderstorms moved across the county warning area during the afternoon and evening of Sunday May 25th as a warm front slowly lifted north across the region.  Numerous reports of severe weather weather were received.  Torrential rainfall, on the order of 3 to 4 inches per hour, sent small creeks, streams and rivers out of their banks across much of St. Charles County. Another round of convection developed during the pre-dawn hours of Memorial Day with locally heavy rainfall once again falling. Total rainfall amounts were estimated to be as much as 9 inches in the city of Flint Hill. In all, 15 water rescues were performed in St. Charles County Sunday night and Monday morning.  US-61 was closed Saturday evening due to fast, flowing water overtopping the highway in at least two locations.  Many areas experienced property damage from the flash flood, including the town of Flint Hill. Below are a few images depicting this flash flood event.
One Hour Rainfall Estimate
Above: Extremely heavy rainfall occurred across northwestern St. Charles County during the evening hours of May 25th.  In fact, Doppler radar estimated that 3 to 4 inches of rainfall occurred near the city of Flint Hill between 8:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. This caused excessive runoff to flood the small creeks around St. Charles County, sending flood waters over roadways, including US highway 61 and County Highway P.
Flint Hill Flash Flood Map

Above: An estimated water inundation map for the Flint Hill area during the evening of May 25th.  Each star corresponds to pictures below that illustrate the magnitude of this flash flood event.

 Peine Road and US Highway 61 Flood Picture

During the height of the flash flood, water poured down Peine Road (center) and over Highway 61 (left to right road), flowing into a ditch on the other side of the highway. The  large shed in the foreground of the picture was picked up and moved several hundred feet down stream or in this case, down field.
Volleyball Court in Flint Hill near US Highway 61

A sand volleyball court complex was severely damaged by flood waters. It is evident by the debris on the fence and sheds that are flipped over the power of the flash flood.
Boat Upstream of Highway P - Near US Highway 61

A boat that was picked up by the flood waters washed downstream and ended up alongside Highway P just east of US Highway 61.
 Trailor Found Upstream in Creek Bed near County P and US-61
Often times debris, such as trees will clog up sewer pipes that go under roadways, resulting in pictures like this. This picture was taken from Highway P looking south or upstream. The trailer of the boat from picture #3 is located upstream within the creek bed.
 Amerigas Propane Tanks Litter The Creek Bed #5.

Small propane tanks from Amerigas were scattered throughout the creek bed up to a mile downstream.
 Baseball Field at Flint Hill

The Flint Hill baseball fields were heavily damaged by flood waters.  The fast moving flood water at this location had to be nearly 3 feet deep, as evidence by the debris that was caught in the fence.

Flint Hill was not the only city that suffered flooding that evening or during the overnight hours as additional heavy rainfall sent the Big Creek, Peruque Creek, and Dardenne Creek out of their banks.  Below are a few pictures illustrating this flooding.

 Big Creek at Scott Road - St. Charles, Lincoln County Line
Big Creek at Scott Road
(St. Charles and Lincoln County Line)
 Flooding Near Highway P in O'fallon, Missouri
Peruque Creek, which flows from Lake St. Louis, flooded much of the area near the intersections of County Highway P, County Highway M, and US Highway 79.
 Flooding of Dardenne Creek near St. Peters, Missouri
Dardenne Creek flooded low lying areas north of St. Peters, near County Highway C.
 St. Peters Bridge
Dardenne Creek came within a few inches of the bottom of the bridge in "old downtown" St. Peters. is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.