May 30, 2008 Severe Storm Event Over Northeast Missouri and West-Central Illinois


During the afternoon and early evening of 30 May 2008 several supercells and one convective line (bow echo) spawned tornadoes and damaging downburst winds over parts of northeast Missouri through west-central Illinois.  The convective line spawned a tornado (EF-1) approximately at 5:10 pm cdt just north of Ewing Missouri over southern Lewis County Missouri. The supercell that moved along and north of Interstate 72 over northern Pike County Illinois spawned a tornado just south of New Salem Illinois at approximately 4:25 PM CDT. The damage over this area was rated (EF-1).  The southern supercell that moved from western Ralls County MO through east-central Pike County Illinois spawned two tornadoes. The first tornado touchdown occurred 3 miles southwest of Center Missouri in Rall county at approximately 5:14 PM CDT.  Damage associated with this tornado was rated (EF-0). This same supercell spawned a second tornado over east-central Pike County Illinois at approximately 6:15 PM CDT. The damage to trees were rated EF0 on the Enhanced Fujita-scale.  The National Weather Service wishes to thank Mr. David Keith (EMA) Lewis County Missouri for his assistance during the damage assessment.  


Ewing Missouri Tornado (Southern Lewis County Missouri). This tornado formed 11/2 mile northwest of Ewing at approximately 5:10 PM CDT. The tornado moved east-northeast to about 3 miles northeast of Ewing. Two satellite tornadoes occurred near the southern part of the main tornado while damaging downburst winds occurred north of the tornado track. Total damage track was 21/2 miles while damage width was 50 to 70 yards wide. The Ewing Missouri Tornado was rated EF-1 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale.  (Click on image for a larger image)


Center Missouri Tornado (Central Ralls County Missouri). This tornado formed 3 miles southwest of Center at approximately 5:14 PM CDT. The tornado moved eastward to one mile south of Center then 11/4 miles southeast of Center Missouri. Total damage track of the Center Missouri Tornado was 3 miles while the damage width varied from 40 to 50 yards. The damage was rated EF-0. (Click on image for a larger image).


New Salem Illinois Tornado (North-central Pike County Missouri).  The supercell which moved along and north of Interstate 72 north of Pittsfield was responsible for this tornado. Several witnesses along Interstate 72 observed this tornado. The tornado initially touchdown 11/2 miles south of New Salem Illinois at 4:25 PM CDT and ended 2 miles southeast of New Salem.  The total damage path for this tornado was 1 mile while the damage width was 50 yards. The damage associated with this tornado was rated EF-1. (Click on image for a larger image).   


Detroit Illinois Tornado (East-central Pike County Illinois). The classic supercell which spawned the Center Missouri tornado spawned a second weak tornado at 6:15 PM over east-central Pike County Illinois. Several witnesses across eastern Pike County observed this tornado. The tornado initially touched down 5 miles east-southeast of Pittsfield and ended11/2 mile southeast of Detroit Illinois. The tornadic damage track was 3 miles while damage width was 40 yards. The damage associated with this tornado was rated EF-0.  (Click on image for a larger image). is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.