June 04, 2008 Severe Storm Event over parts of Randolph County Illinois
Damage Map of the Randolph County Illinois Tornadoes and Damaging Wind Event. A bow echo moved through parts of Randolph County Illinois during the early morning hours on Wednesday 4 June 2008.   Two tornadoes occurred along the leading edge of a bowing segment. The first tornado occurred 5 miles southeast of Redbud on a farmstead while the second and third (satellite tornado) occurred from the west side through the town of Tilden. The damage from the tornadoes were rated EF(0) on the Enhanced Fujita Scale.

  Tornadic Damage tracks west in the town of Tilden Illinois in northeast Randolph County. Much of the damage occurred after 3:30 AM CDT on 4 June 2008. (Click on image for a larger image).

Photos of the tornadic damage with the northern damage track from the west side of Tilden Illinois near Highway 13 through the near north side of town. (Click on image for a larger image).   

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