Figure 1: Machine Shed Destroyed South of Country Road 603.
Figure 2: Hardwood Tree Damage at Maries River.
Figure 3: Large Hardwood Tree Uprooted.
Figure 4: 100 Year Old Oak Trees Uprooted.
Figure 5: Radar Depiction at 6:14 PM.
Figure 6: Radar Depiction at 6:22 PM.
Figure 7: Radar Depiction at 6:27 PM.
Figure 8: Radar Depiction at 6:31 PM.

St. Louis, Missouri

Severe Thunderstorm - Osage County
June 27th, 2010

Damaging Downburst and Microburst Winds Hit Parts of Osage County

The National Weather Service conducted a damage survey over parts of west-central Osage County and determined that the tree and structural damage that occurred on June 27th 2010 between 620 and 630 PM CDT was caused by a combination of damaging downburst winds and microbursts from a severe thunderstorm.

The damage area started one quarter mile east of County Road 608 near the Maries River or about 2.5 miles south southwest of Loose Creek, Missouri.  The roof of one machine shed was uplifted to the southeast on a farmstead near County Road 608. Tree damage was confined at three locations along the Maries River.  One area of tree damage extended from the river up to the ridge axis across the river.  Several large oak and pecan trees were damaged along the Maries River.

Other nearby tree damage due to downbursts and microbursts occurred along Brush Creek Hallow about 2 miles south-southwest of Loose Creek.  Several large oak trees over 100 years old were uprooted due to an intense microburst. Surface wind gusts were estimated between 85 and 95 mph.

Further east towards the south end of County Road 603, near Brush Creek, a second machine shed was completely destroyed with debris from the machine shed laid to the west southwest.  As the machine shed started to lift to the west, five occupants moved inside a large pickup truck within the machine shed.  None of the occupants were injured.  A nearby house approximately 50 yards to the south was not damaged.  Approximately 100 to 150 yards norhteast and east of ths location, several large hardwood trees were uprooted and were also lying to the west and southwest.  This is an interesting area in which the tree and machine shed damage laid to the west and southwest and occurred immediately on the back side (west side) of the severe thunderstorm.  This is an uncommon type of damage pattern.  Surface winds were estimated between 70 and 90 mph.  The final area of tree damage occurred 2.2 miles southeast of the town of Loose Creek along County Road 602.  This road was along a ridge axis and several very large oak trees were uprooted to the northeast.  The total tree and structural damage area extended 5 miles in length and 1 mile in width.

Click here for the damage survey in Google Map and Earth format.

Click here to see the storm reports for this event (.pdf file).

Below are a few photos of the damage that occurred and radar data of storm evolution that caused this damage.



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