July 27, 2008 Severe Event over eastern Boone and
 western Callaway Counties in Central Missouri

Late Sunday evening on July 27th, 2008 a supercell storm formed over northern Boone County, Missouri and moved southeast into parts of east-central Boone and west-central Callaway Counties in central Missouri. This storm was responsible for the production of a weak tornado which formed near the town of Stephens, Missouri and moved south along County Road 269 to about half a mile north of Interstate 70.  The storm also produced a few microbursts within a larger swath of damaging downburst winds which crossed I-70 just west of Highway J.  A few commercial buildings along the south service road near Interstate 70 sustained minor to moderate roof damage.  Several large signs along interstate were also ripped from their frames and tossed as much as 50 yards away.  Witnesses in the town of Stephens, Missouri (2 miles north of I-70) reported nickle to ping pong ball size hail just after the tornado passed.  Several vehicles and some windows on house trailers were damaged by the large hail.  One interesting aspect of the damage pattern showed that several medium to large trees just west of the tornadic damage track laid east towards County Road 269. A medium size camper in town was tossed to the north a 1/4 mile from the town. The tornado formed along the eastern flank of the downburst wind swath. The damage was rated EF0 on the Enhanded Fujita Scale. Within the region of the downburst swath, several large trees laid to the south with the higher degree of tree damage associated with the microbursts. Two homes, six mobile homes and three machine sheds were damaged by the tornado along CR 269.  Three additional commercial buildings mainly sustained roof damage along the service road.   


Damage pictures along CR 269 and the Service Roads near Interstate 70 and Highway J - Western Callaway County


Sheet metal roofing from one of the buildings along the south service road adjacent to I-70 that was damaged by the downburst winds (Viewing southeast).  


One of several large signs damaged by the downburst winds. A few of the signs were tossed over 50 yards.


Several medium to large trees were either uprooted or snapped at the base of the tree within one of the two  microburst. (Viewing south-southeast near the Callaway - Boone County line)


Additional tree damage along the north service road adjacent to I-70. (Viewing north-northwest).


Another sign damaged by the wind - near the north service road.


Large barn destroyed by the tornado along CR 269 approximately 1/2 mile north of Interstate 70. (Viewing west northwest).


Another image of the barn destroyed. Debris from the barn was observed over 150 yards to the southeast. (Viewing south-southeast).

 Radar reflectivity imagery from WFO St. Louis (KLSX)


  Far Left: Radar reflectivity image at 10:59 PM CDT from KLSX. Supercell storm is moving east-southeast towards eastern Boone and west-central Callaway county. (click on image for a larger image).


  Far Left: Reflectivity image at 11:04 PM CDT from KLSX. Supercell storm approaching west-central Callaway County. (Click on image for a larger image).


  Far Left: Reflectivity image at 11:08 PM CDT from KLSX.  Note the high reflectivity core is associated with the large hail and damaging winds which hit the small community of Stephens MO. 
(Click on image for a larger image).

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