Supercell B

Supercell B was a long track cyclic supercell that produced three long track tornadoes across southeast Missouri and southwest Illinois. The storm intensified after entering Reynolds County, Missouri and moved east across Iron, St. Francois, Madison, Ste. Genevieve, and Perry Counties in Missouri and then across the Mississippi River into Jackson County, Illinois.  Of all the supercells that developed that afternoon and evening, Supercell B produced the most intense and longest track tornadoes.  This included the F4 tornado that devestated the city of Crosstown in Perry County, Missouri. 

5W of Black to 5NE Pilot Knob


 House & Car Damaged Near Black

Large Tree Uprooted 

Car Deposited Here By Tornado  

5E of Roselle to 5E of Womack


 Brick Home Damaged Mine La Motte

 Mobile Home Destroyed Mine La Motte

   Garage Damage Mine La Motte


Tree Damage in NE Madison County

Missile Driven in the Ground by Tornado

Barn Destroyed in SE St. Francois County

3SE of Perryville to 2N of Murphysboro (F4 Tornado - Crosstown)

(Perry County, Missouri and Jackson County, Illinois)


 Photo Taken Near Crosstown

House Swept Clean Off Foundation

Mobile Home Destroyed Near Crosstown


Nothing But The Bathroom Remains

 Damage in Jackson County, IL

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