AMS Conference Extended Abstracts

AMS 26th Conference on Severe Local Storms (Updated)
held in Nashville Tennessee (November 2012)


 Operational Application of the 0-3 km Bulk Shear Vectors in Assessing Quasi-Linear Convective Systems and Tornado Potential.  Jason S. Schumann and Ron W. Przybylinski* NOAA National Weather Service, Springfield Missouri 65802;,*NOAA National Weather Service St. Louis Missouri 63304


 13 May 2010 Severe Bow Echo Event Over Northeast Oklahoma Part 1: Synoptic and Mesoscale Environment Authors: Brad McGavock, Steve Amburn , Karen hatfield and R. W. Przybylinski*
NOAA, National Weather Service Tulsa Oklahoma; NOAA National Weather Service St. Louis


 13 May 2010 Severe Bow Echo Event over Northeast Oklahoma Part 2: Characteristics of Reflectivity structures and Mesovortex Evolution. Ron W. Przybylinski, Laura Kanofsky, NOAA National Weather Service St. Louis J.B McGavock, K Hatfield, S.A.Amburn NOAA Natioanl Weather Service Tulsa Oklahoma and N.T. Atkins Lyndonville State College Lyndonville VT. 
AMS 25th Conference on Severe Local Storms
held in Denver Colorado (October 2010)


The Convective Mode and Environment of Thunderstorm Producing Significant Cool Season Tornadoes in the National Weather Service's Central Region Authors: Fred H. Glass and Mark F. Britt (NOAA/ National Weather Service St. Charles, MO). 


The 8 May 2009 Missouri Derecho: Radar Analysis and Warning Implications over Parts of Southwest Missouri; Authors: Ron W. Przybylinski (NOAA/National Weather Service St. Charles Missouri,  Jason S. Schaumann and Doug T. Cramer (NOAA/National Weather Service Springfield Missouri) and Nolan T. Atkins (Lyndon State College/ Lyndonville, Vermont). 


An Examination of a Tornado Producing Supercell Behind the Leading Edge of the May 8th 2009 Historic Wind Storm in Southern Missouri; Authors: Mark Britt and Ron W. Przybylinski (NOAA/National Weather Service St. Charles Missouri. 
AMS 24th Conference on Severe Local Storms
held in Savannah Georgia (October 2008)


Mesoscale Aspects of the 11 March 2006 Severe Weather Outbreak.
Author: Fred H. Glass (NOAA/NWS St. Louis MO)


The 19 July 2006 Midwest Derecho: A Meteorological Perspective and Lessons Learned.
Authors: Ron W. Przybylinski, J.E. Sieveking, B.D. Sipprell (NOAA/NWS St. Louis MO) and J.L. Guyer (NOAA/NWS/NCEP Storm Prediction Center (SPC)


Analysis of the 21 July 2008 Greater St. Louis and Southwest Illinois Bow Echo event.
Authors: James E. Sieveking and R. W. Przybylinski (NOAA/NWS St. Louis MO)


Observations from the 23 August 2007 Chicago Derecho.
Authors Gino Izzi, (NOAA/NWS, Romeville IL) and R. W. Przybylinski and A. Lese.   

AMS 23rd Confenerce on Severe Local Storms held
 in St. Louis Missouri (November 2006)


Environmental and Synoptic Conditions Associated with Cool Season Strong and Violent Tornadoes in the North Central United States.
Authors:  Mark F. Britt and F.H. Glass (NOAA/NWS St. Louis, MO)


An Overview of the May 10th, 2003 Tornado Outbreak
Author:  Fred H. Glass (NOAA/NWS St. Louis, MO)


Analysis of the April 2nd, 2006 Quasi-Linear Convective System (QLCS) over the Mid-Mississippi Valley Region: Storm Structure and Evolution from WSR-88D data.
Authors:  Ron W. Przybylinski, J. E. Sieveking, Jr., G. K. Schmocker (NOAA/NWS St. Louis, MO), N. T. Atkins (Lyndon State College - Lyndonville, VT)


Overview of the 2005 and Spring 2006 WDSS-II Demonstration at WFO St. Louis.
Authors: Douglas E. Tilly, R. W. Przybylinski (NOAA/NWS St. Louis, MO), T. M. Smith (NOAA/National Severe Storms Laboratory - Norman, OK)


Sampling Issues Associated with the Evansville, IN Tornado and other nearby Supercells on the Early Morning of 6 November 2005:  Challenges to Operational Forecasters.
Authors:  Patrick J. Spoden, C. Wielgos, R. Shanklin (NOAA/NWS Paducah, KY), and R. W. Przybylinski (NOAA/NWS St. Louis, MO)

AMS 22nd Conference on Severe Local Storms
in Hyannis, Massachusetts (October 2004)
The Interaction of a High-Precipitation Supercell Thunderstorm and Bow Echo to Produce a Prolonged Severe Wind Event in East Central Missouri.
Authors: James Sieveking and Ron W. Przybylinski (NOAA/NWS St. Louis MO)
(BAMEX-related paper) Damaging Surface Wind Mechanisms within the 10 June 2003 Saint Louis Bow Echo event during BAMEX.
Authors: Nolan T. Atkins and Christopher Bouchard (Lyndon State College), Ron W. Przybylinski and Gary K. Schmocker (NOAA/NWS St. Louis MO), and Robert J. Trapp (Purdue University)
(BAMEX-related paper) An Assessment of Convective System Structure, Cold Pool Properties, and Environmental Shear Using Observations from BAMEX.
Authors: George Bryan, David Ahijevych, Chris Davis and Morris Weisman (National Center for Atmospheric Research) and Ron W. Przybylinski (NOAA/NWS St. Louis MO)
(BAMEX-related paper) Characteristics and Storm Evolution Associated with the 30 May 2003 Tornadic Event over Central Illinois.
Authors: Ed Holicky (NOAA/NWS Lincoln IL) and Ron W. Przybylinski (NOAA/NWS St. Louis MO)
AMS 21st Conference on Severe Local Storms
in San Antonio, Texas (August 2002)
The Historic Missouri-Illinois High-Precipitation Supercell of 10 April 2001.
Authors: Fred Glass and Mark Britt (NOAA/NWS St. Louis MO)
Characteristics of Circulations Associated with the 11 February 1999 Tornadic Event over the Mid-Mississippi Valley Region.
Authors: Ron W. Przybylinski and Gary K. Schmocker (NOAA / NWS St. Louis)
The 29 June 1998 Derecho Across Central Illinois: Issues Associated with Non-Descending Tornadic and Non-Tornadic Vortex Evolution.
Authors: Brad Ketcham (NOAA/NWS WFO Lincoln) and Ron W. Przybylinski (NOAA/NWS St. Louis MO)
Radar and Damage Analysis of the 27 May 2000 Tornadic Derecho Event.
Authors: Nolan Atkins (Lyndon State College) and Ron W. Przybylinski (NOAA / NWS St. Louis MO)
81st AMS Annual Meeting Meetings
in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Precipitation Extremes Conference
The Extreme East-Central Missouri Flash Flood of 6-7 May 2000. 
Authors: Fred Glass (NOAA / NWS St. Louis), John Gagan and James T. Moore (Saint Louis University)
Remote Sensing Conference
An Evaluation of Missing Point Precipitation Estimation Techniques.
Author: Scott Dummer (NOAA / NWS St. Louis)
AMS 20th Conference on Severe Local Storms
in Orlando, Florida (September 2000)
The Tornado Climatology of the St. Louis Weather Forecast Office County Warning Area.
Authors: Mark Britt and Fred Glass NOAA / NWS St. Louis
The Severe Bow Echo Event of 14 June 1998 over the Mid-Mississippi Valley Region.  A Case of Vortex Development Near the Intersection of a Pre-exisiting Boundary and a Convective Line. Authors: Gary K. Schmocker, Ron W. Przybylinski NOAA/ NWS St. Louis and E. N. Rasmussen NOAA / NSSL Boulder 
A Study of Storm and Vortex Morphology During the 'Intensifying Stage' of Mesoscale Convective Systems.
Authors: Ron W. Przybylinski, Gary K. Schmocker NOAA / NWS St. Louis and Y.J. Lin Saint Louis University
Close Range WSR-88D Observations of Several Tornadic Storms.
Authors: Fred Glass and Mark Britt NOAA / NWS St. Louis
Observational Study of a Midwestern Severe Wind Mesoscale Convective System (MCS) on 29 June 1998. A Single Doppler Analysis Study.
Authors: Jay Martinelli (Saint Louis University), Ron W. Przybylinski (NOAA / NWS St. Louis), and Y.J. Lin (Saint Louis University)
An Examination of a Local Mesoscale Model's Performance of a Midwestern Squall Line.
Authors: Jim O'Sullivan and Y.J. Lin (Saint Louis University) and Ron W. Przybylinski NOAA/NWS St. Louis is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.