Heavy Precipitation Studies at WFO St. Louis

Recent Publications/Presentations:

The Extreme East-Central Missouri Flash Flood of 6-7 May 2000

F. H. Glass (NOAA/NWS St. Charles MO), J.P. Gagan and J.T. Moore (CIPS/Saint Louis University).  Preprint: Symposium on Precipitation Extremes. AMS (2001).

A Climatology of Widespread Heavy Rainfall Events Across Missouri

F.H. Glass  (NOAA/NWS St. Charles MO),  Preprints: 19th Conference on Severe Local Storms
AMS (1998).

A Synoptic Climatology of Significant Rainfall Events over the Mid-Mississippi Valley

S.R. Considine, F.H. Glass, J.T. Moore, Preprints: 19th Conf. on Severe Local Storms AMS (1998)

Composite Analysis of Warm Season Elevated Thunderstorms

J.T. Moore, F.H. Glass, S.M. Rochette, C.E. Graves, H.J. Sumner, M.J. Singer
(To be submitted to AMS Weather Forecasting).

Fred Glass Conceptual Model
for Warm Season Heavy Precipitation with an East-West Boundary.

More Information on Heavy Precipitation Studies at the following
Saint Louis University Websites:

COMET - Heavy Precipitation related Studies (Saint Louis University)

Cooperative Institute for Precipitation Systems (CIPS)
(Saint Louis University)

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