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The National Weather Service Office St. Louis, MO is now offering rss feeds on an experimental basis for our forecast products.  This page is a brief summary of RSS, what it does and how you can use it.  This is an experimental product of the National Weather Service.  Comments and feedback are welcome.  The National Weather Service is always seeking to improve the availability and quality of NWS products and services based on user feedback. The use of RSS to disseminate WFO LSX operational data/products is also available.

What is RSS?

RSS has several meanings: Really Simple Syndication, Rich Site Summary, and RDF Site Summary where RDF in turn stands for Resource Data Framework.  Many of the Web sites that interest you are syndicated. With RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, you subscribe to them, and when they're updated, the content is delivered to you --- much like a daily newspaper, except you choose the content.  In any case it is a method of summarizing the latest news and information from a website in a lightweight form that can be easily read by any of a number of news readers or news aggregators. The idea is to give users the ability to quickly obtain the latest news and updates from a site in a headline or news digest format. This in turn helps during high-traffic periods by reducing the load on the servers.

What do I need to use the RSS feeds?

Most modern web browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 can read RSS feeds automatically (sometimes they refer to the feeds as "Live Bookmarks"). Alternatively, you can use a stand-alone feed reader or news aggregator. These are applications that can be set to read the feeds on a recurring basis, generally once an hour or so.
Here is a list of feed readers and news aggregators from the Open Directory Project.

Here is another list of feed readers and news aggregators.

 More information on RSS feeds can be found at the National Weather Service RSS page.

What is the feed address?

The URLs for the LSX RSS Feeds are listed below:     

Reports/Statements for St. Louis Missouri:

 Forecasts and other Products

Severe Weather










OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) file containing all RSS Feeds on this page.


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Any Questions?

If you have problems, questions, or feedback regarding the RSS feeds, please send them to w-lsx.webmaster@noaa.gov



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