11 March 2006 - Tornado Outbreak

A large trough of low pressure was located over the western United States with embedded fast moving shortwaves being ejected into the Central Plains.  At the surface low pressure moved northeast from Minnesota to western Ontario with a trailing cold front through Kansas and into the Texas Panhandle moving east toward Missouri.  Gulf moisture had surged north into Mid-Mississippi River Valley upon a strong low level jet and deep layer shear associated with the vigorous polar jet supported the development of supercells east of the cold front across Missouri and Ilinois.  Thunderstorms continued well into the night across southern Missouri and Illinois producing some flash flooding along local rivers and streams. 


9 Tornadoes - = 3 F(0), 3 F(1), 1 F(2), 2 F(3)

(Click each tornado, tornado track map, photo links or radar images for more information) 

Festus, MO and Fults, IL 

  • 3 Tornado Touchdowns
  • F0, F1 and F3 Damage
  • 0 Fatalities and 1 Minor Injury

Tornado Track Map

Damage Photos

Reynolds County, MO to Perry County, IL

  • Tornado 1: F2 
  • 34 Mile Path Length
  • Tornado 2: F1 
  • 1 Mile Path Length 
  • Tornado 3: F1 
  • 8.5 Mile Path Length
  • Tornado 4: F3 
  • 57 Mile Path Length

  • 2 Fatalities and 12 Injuries

Tornado Track Map


Damage Photos

Pike County, IL

  • 2 Tornado Touchdowns
  • F0 Damage
  • No Fatalities or Injuries

Tornado Track Map

Damage Photos

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