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St. Louis, Missouri

Missouri River Flooding 2011


Significant flooding is likely along the Missouri River throughout the summer months.  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers regulates the flow in several dams along the Missouri River in the Dakotas and in Montana.  The last of these dams is Gavins Point Reservoir, just west of Yankton, South Dakota.  Throughout the winter and spring, excessive runoff has completely filled these reservoirs to the point that there is no significant storage left in these reservoirs.  The Corps is currently releasing 160,000 cubic feet per second (cfs) from this dam, or more than twice the previous record release from this dam set in 1997.  It is likely this high release will continue until at least August.

This high release of water, combined with normal inflow from downstream tributaries, will result in significant and prolonged flooding along the Missouri River from Jefferson City to St. Charles.  If rainfall is above the long term average this summer, major or even record flooding could result.

The following table provides a range of possible crests expected along the Missouri River if rainfall is within the realm of average or normal values in the tributaries feeding into the Missouri River below the Gavins Point Resevoir, given the current release of 160,000 cfs.


Flood Stage

Predicted Range of Crests

Record Stage (Date)

Jefferson City

21 ft

27.5 ft to 35 ft

38.30 ft (7/31/1993)


17 ft

24.5 ft to 30 ft

33.30 ft (7/31/1993)


21 ft

31 ft to 36 ft

39.50 ft (7/31/1993)


21 ft

28 ft to 33.5 ft

36.97 ft (7/31/1993)


20 ft

23.5 ft to 32 ft

35.40 ft (7/31/1993)

St. Charles

25 ft

29 ft to 37 ft

40.11 ft (6/24/1884)

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