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It's back!  Well, sort of.  My first webpage, Vortex St. Louis, was laid to rest due to changes in our Internet pages, new rules and regulations, etc.  Well I am starting work on a new Vortex page in which I will try to post information regarding the program, news from the National Weather Service, and whatever I feel like putting here.  So let's get started with a brief introduction.

Jim Kramper, the Warning Coordination Meteorologist (WCM) at the National Weather Service (NWS) Office in St. Louis, Mo.  As WCM, I have a myriad of responsibilities and duties as part of my job. The WCM position is often compared to the Public Information Officer of a corporation, since that is essentailly what we do. I would prefer the name "Public Information Meteorologist", so I am think about starting a campaign to do just that. No one ever gets warning coordination meteorologist correct.

As WCM, I feel I get the best of both worlds in terms of being a meteorologist.  I am involved with
both internal and external work associated with the NWS.  The WCM is the primary link between 
outside organizations, the public and the NWS.  I work with our customers and partners to ensure
we are serving them the best we can.  I also have internal duties related to management of the office,
setting policy, and tailoring our products to fit our customers needs.  And I get to forecast 
occasionally, so I have to keep up with the latest advances of the science.

Past News Headlines...

The NWS initiated the use of the Enhanced Fujita Scale for rating tornadoes on February 1, 2007

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  is alive and well in Illinois and Missouri. Check the local StormReady page for the latest happenings.
Interested in setting up a home weather station?

I am often asked for recommendations in regards to equipment for home weathe stations. First let me make it clear that I cannot, and do not endorse one company over another. It all depends on what you want and how much you are willing to spend. Click on the link below for a list (in pdf format) of companies that offer such equipment.

Home Weather Stations

I am very active with Operation Weather Survival in St. Louis. Click on the image to find out what this organization is all about.

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