Local modeling at NWS St. Louis

The National Weather Service office in St. Louis, MO runs the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model on a daily basis. The ARW core has been selected as the core of choice due to its highly configurable design. Two separate domains are run, two times per day. The larger 12km domain is initialized from the operational NAM 12km model run at NCEP, while the smaller 4km domain uses the RAP for initial conditions and the LSX 12km WRF for boundary conditions through the remainder of the cycle.

Information about the domains:

NAM initialized 12km domain:  ARW core, WSM Single-Moment 5-class Microphysics, KF2 Convective Scheme, Yonsei Univ. PBL scheme, Noah Land Surface Model, RRTM Long wave radiation scheme, Goddard shortwave radiation scheme, run to 84 hours

LSX WRF initialized 4km domain:  ARW core, WSM Single-Moment 6-Class Microphysics, No convective scheme, MYJ PBL scheme, Noah Land Surface Model, RRTM LW radiation scheme, Dudhia SW radiation scheme, run out to 36 hours


Production schedule

WRF model output from the domain is available 2 times per day. Images are processed while the model is being ran. Therefore, some images will be available before the times listed. Below is a timetable outlining the average time all images become available on this page:

Start time
images available:
00Z (12km)
00Z (4km)
0245 Z
0500 Z
0445 Z
1045 Z
12Z (12km)
12Z (4km)
1445 Z
1700 Z
1645 Z
2245 Z


More detailed information about models produced by the National Weather Service is available from NCEP's Environmental Modeling Center.


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