Webcams to monitor local weather

Monitor the weather with local web cams

The National Weather Service is not responsible for the content, availability, accuracy, or timeliness of these images. These cameras are maintained by external individuals and organizations including the Missouri Department of Transportation, the Illinois Department of Transportation, the Iowa Department of Transportation, the Indiana Department of Transportation, TV stations, colleges/universities, local schools, and private citizens. The use of these cameras does not constitute an endorsement by the National Weather Service. The images are provided here as a courtesy so forecasters, emergency managers, and other decision makers can monitor the latest weather trends. Use this data at your own risk.

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How do I use this page? Click on one of the markers on the map. The most recent image from that camera will be displayed next to the map. A saved image that was taken during clear weather conditions will appear next to the map and below the most recent image.

There's a webcam that I'd like to see added to this map, or I'd like to provide feedback on this web page.Who should I contact? Please send an email to the LSX webmaster ( ) and ask that it be forwarded to both Laura Kanofsky and Jim Kramper.

Why use webcams? Meteorologists and other decision makers are very interested in what's happening at the ground. One way to see what's happening at the surface is by looking at web cameras from around the region. By comparing the current camera view to a static image from the same camera under clear conditions, it becomes easier to spot:

  • Fog: where it is, how thick it is, and whether it has started to dissipate
  • Whether or not any rain is reaching the surface when light radar echoes occur between observation sites and there is a dry layer near the surface
  • Approximate location of the rain/snow line during mixed precipitation events
  • Whether or not snow is sticking to the pavement
  • Qualitative assessment of snow depth by comparing the current image to known references (such as curbs or parked cars)

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