WFO St. Louis -- Bufkit Sounding Locations

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Map of Locations

Note: These Bufkit soundings are those needed by the St. Louis forecast office (WFO LSX), whose primary area of responsibility is the portion of the map surrounding the LSX label. St. Louis also has backup responsibility for WFO SGF (Springfield, Missouri) and WFO ILX (Lincoln, Illinois).

Date/Time format is: YYMMDD/HHHH

150228/1200120501/0900150228/1200150228/0000KKLNR. KIRKSVILLEMO
150228/1200120501/0900150228/1200150228/0000C13NEAR MTN GROVEMO
150228/1200120501/0900150228/1200150228/0000KJLNJOPLIN REGIONALMO
150228/1200120501/0900150228/1200150228/0000KSTLST. LOUIS/LAMBERTMO
150228/1200120501/0900150228/1200150228/0000KSUSSPIRIT OF ST LOUISMO
150228/1200120501/0900150228/1200150228/0000KUINQUINCY MUNI/BALDWINIL
150228/1200120501/0900150228/1200150228/0000KSGFSPRINGFLD MUNI(AWS)MO
150228/1200120501/0900150228/1200150228/0000KCOUCOLUMBIA REGIONALMO
150228/1200120501/0900150228/1200150228/0000KFAMFARMINGTON AIRPORTMO
150228/1200120501/0900150228/1200150228/0000KDECDECATUR AIRPORTIL
150228/1200120501/0900150228/1200150228/0000KPIAPEORIA REGIONALIL

GFS3 Runs every 6 hours, with output available approximately four hours past 00Z, 06Z, 12Z, and 18Z. The Bufkit sounding profiles provide 3-hour time resolution from 0 to 180 hours.
RUC Runs every hour, but we just provide the 3-hourly runs. Output is available approximately one hour past these times. For the 3-hourly runs of the RUC, the Bufkit sounding profiles provide 1-hour time resolution from 0 to 12 hours.
(Formerly Eta)
Runs every 12 hours, with output available about 2 1/2 hours past 00Z and 12Z. The Bufkit sounding profiles provide 1-hour time resolution from 0 to 60 hours.
LSX ARW Is run locally at the St. Louis WFO. Runs twice per day using the 00Z and 12Z NAM as the initial and boundary conditions. Output from this model should be available no later than 6 hours past 00Z and 12Z. The Bufkit sounding profiles provide 1-hour time resolution from 0 to 84 hours. Click here for more information about the locally run WRF model.
More detailed information about these models is available from NCEP's Environmental Modeling Center. is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.