Missouri Basin River Forecast Center
Water Supply Statement
Issued in cooperation with the Natural
Resources Conservation Service
Issued:  December 13, 2006

Precipitation in the Missouri Basin  during  November was  mostly
below  average to  average.   Precipitation in Montana was mostly
below  average, with amounts  ranging  from zero percent of average
(no precipitation) at Miles City and  Westby, MT to 353% of average
(4.16 in.) near the Continental Divide near Sula, MT.  Precipitation
in  Wyoming  was below  average  with  several  reports  of  zero
precipitation to 267 percent of average (1.20 in.) 15 miles south of
Buffalo,  WY.  Precipitation  in  northeastern  Colorado was  below
average  with  reports ranging from zero at Burlington, CO to 108
percent of average (1.38 in.) near Ridgway, CO.

Basin precipitation summaries for the Missouri Basin:

                                       Percent of
                Basin             Average Precipitation

                Milk St. Mary             125
                Milk Canada                76
                Lower Milk                 70
                Above Toston               88
                Toston to Ft. Peck         69
                Upper Yellowstone          79
                Wind River                 68
                Bighorn                    62
                Little Bighorn Tongue      62
                Powder                     82
                Lower Yellowstone          46
                Upper North Platte         59
                Lower North Platte         49
                North Platte Plains        15
                South Platte Mountains     57
                South Platte Plains        25

November 2006 Basin Mean Precipitation

The snowpacks are generally at about average levels for this period
in the Missouri mainstem headwaters, and in the 70 to 80
percent of average snowpack range in the Jefferson, Madison,
Gallatin, Yellowstone, other Missouri Headwaters, Bighorns, Powder,
and Tongue River basins.  The Shoshone`s snowpack is 55 percent of
average for December 1.  Snowpacks in the Milk and North Platte are
about average, while the South Platte has 130 percent of average

Stored  water in the  South  Platte  Basin as of December 1 was 73
percent of  average for this time of the year.  Of the four major
irrigation  reservoirs in Montana, Lima  Reservoir had 136 percent
average  storage; Clark Canyon was holding 67 percent of average
water, Gibson Reservoir had 79 percent of average stored water and
Fresno Reservoir  had  81  percent  of average stored water.  Of the
three major hydroelectric  reservoirs in Montana, Canyon  Ferry and
Fort  Peck  had  monthend storage  equal to  89  and 60 percent of
average  water,  respectively.   Bighorn  reservoir  was holding 83
percent of average stored water.

Runoff during November, as indicated by U.S.  Geological Survey long
term  gaging  stations, was well above  average  in the Marias and
average in the Yellowstone.  The Marias River near Shelby, Montana
had 171 percent  of  average runoff.  The  Yellowstone  River  was
estimated to have had 95 percent of average runoff at Corwin Springs
and 93 percent of average runoff at Billings.  Some areas within the
Missouri Basin in Glacier National Park flooded during November,
though most of the heavy rainfall measurements were confined to the
west side of the Continental Divide.


                          Precipitation Maps

   November 2006           WY 2007


Nov 2006 Precipitation Percent of 1971-2000 Average  WY2007 Precipitation as Percent of 1971-2000 Average

 November 2006 Basin Mean Precipitation                    Oct-Nov WY2007 Basin Mean Precipitation


  November 2006 MBRFC Basin Mean Precipitation         Oct-Nov WY2007 MBRFC Basin Mean Precipitation












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