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Excel Spreadsheet: Total Number Of Tornadoes By Month 1844-2013. See Graph

Events/Deaths/Injuries: 1982-2013
62 Year Totals: 1950-2013
168 Year Totals: 1844-2013

Famous Tornado Outbreaks across the U.S.
Wisconsin's Costliest Tornadoes
Wisconsin's Deadliest Tornadoes
Longest Documented WI Tornado Tracks

U.S. Tornado Climatology / Information
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Wisconsin Tornado Climatology / Information
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Local Tornado Write-ups
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Tornado Information from the
National Severe Storms Laboratory

Severe Thunderstorm Winds:

Events/Deaths/Injuries: 1982-2012

Hurricane Force Wind Events Across Wisconsin 1970-2011:

Local Straight-Line Wind Write-ups
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About Straight-line Winds

Large Hail:

Events/Deaths/Injuries: 1982-2012

About Hail Storms

How Hail Is Formed


Events/Deaths/Injuries: 1982-2012

Lightning Safety


Events/Deaths/Injuries: 1982-2012

Average Annual Wisconsin Precipitation

About Floods And Flash Floods

Turn Around Don't Drown


Heat Wave:

Number of Heat Waves: 1982-2012
Number of Deaths: 1982-2012
Number of Days: 1982-2012

Wisconsin Heat Wave Site

National Heat Wave Site

U.S. Drought Monitor

Winter Weather:

1982-83 to 2011-2012
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Yearly Wisconsin Snowfall Totals:       


Local Winter Storm Write-ups
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Biggest Snowstorms across the United States
Biggest Snowstorms across Wisconsin
Memorable Snowstorms in Milwaukee
Winter Storm Of 1881

Wisconsin Winter Awareness Page
National Winter Awareness Page


Statistics For All Severe Weather Combined:

Events/Deaths/Injuries: 1982-2012 
Total Weather Related Injuries: 1982-2012
Total Weather Related Deaths: 1982-2012

Excel Spreadsheet: County-By-County Breakdown (for Milwaukee/Sullivan CWA) Of Total Number Of Watches / Warnings Issued: 1982-2012

Excel Spreadsheet: Total Number Of Watches / Warnings Issued For Wisconsin: 1984-2012

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