Dane County Wallcloud Dane County Tornado (weak)
May 30, 2003
5:25 to 5:32 PM CDT
Map of Dane County Tornado Path

Tornado Picture        Funnel Picture
A supercell thunderstorm developed over eastern Iowa county and moved east into western Dane County. Once it moved past the village of Blue Mounds, it turned slightly right and headed east/southeast.

It spawned a minimal tornado, rated as F0 - weak category, probably no more than 45-55 mph winds) just south of the Hwy 18/151, and west/southwest of Verona.

A storm chaser team was positioned southeast of Verona on County Hwy M, and they managed to video tape and photograph the weak tornado. No structural damage was noted, however minor amounts of dust and dirt were ingested into the ground circulation under the wall cloud, and a condensation funnel was observed for a short time. This supercell eventually moved through the Oregon and Stoughton areas, but only a rotating wall cloud was noted after it moved east of Verona.

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