MKX High-Res (4 km) WRF-ARW Model Information

MKX High-Res (4 km) WRF Domain
High-Resolution WRF Output (GFS init)
  • Hourly Output out to 30 hours
  • Complete output available ~ 03Z, 09Z, 15Z, 21Z
  • Synchronously post-processed
  • 4 km grid spacing
  • Uses NCEP GFS for initial and boundary conditions
  • 31 vertical levels
  • 50 mb model top
  • fully compressible non-hydrostatic dynamics
  • mass based terrain following vertical coordinate
  • No convective parameterization
  • Lin et al. microphysics
  • Yonsei Planetary Boundary Layer Physics
  • Rapid Radiative Transfer Model longwave radiation scheme
  • Dudhia shortwave radiation scheme

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