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On this day in weather history...

1926: This was perhaps the most intense brief thunderstorm ever in downtown Minneapolis. 1.02 inches of rain fell in six minutes, starting at 2:59pm in the afternoon according to the Minneapolis Weather Bureau. The deluge, accompanied with winds of 42 mph, caused visibility to be reduced to a few feet at times and stopped all streetcar and automobile traffic. At second and sixth street in downtown Minneapolis, rushing water tore a manhole cover off, and a geyser of water spouted 20 feet in the air. Hundreds of wooden paving blocks were uprooted and floated onto neighboring lawns-much to the delight of barefooted children seen scampering among the blocks after the rain ended.

1894: The Great Hinckley Fire. Drought conditions started a massive fire that began near Mille Lacs and spread to the east. The firestorm destroyed Hinckley and Sandstone and burned a forest area the size of the Twin City Metropolitan Area. Smoke from the fires brought shipping on Lake Superior to a standstill.

1807: Earliest known comprehensive Minnesota weather record began near Pembina. The temperature at midday was 86 degrees and a "strong wind until sunset."

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