Cooperative Weather Observers
Station Histories

Here is a complete list of the Cooperative Program Observer stations in the Chanhassen County Warning Area.  Listed with each station is the date the station was established as well as their station ID.  Those stations which are highlighted in red are over a century old!  However, not all stations have continuous records.  Some stations will close from time to time, later to re-open with a new observer, while other stations have been taking observations for their entire history (over 100 years in some cases).

Station Name ID Date Established
Albert Lea, MN ALBM5 January 1888
Alexandria, MN AXNM5 September 1970
Amboy, MN AMBM5 August 1978
Benson, MN BENM5 October 1952
Blue Earth, MN BLUM5 August 1951
Bricelyn, MN BRCM5 August 1940
Buffalo, MN BUFM5 August 1958
Cambridge, MN CMBM5 January 1926
Canby, MN CANM5 February 1916
Cedar, MN CDRM5 November 1962
Chanhassen, MN MPXM5 1996
Chaska, MN CSKM5 May 1925
Collegeville, MN CLGM5 October 1892
Dassel, MN DASM5 August 1934
Dawson, MN DAWM5 January 1943
Deleno, MN DELM5 July 1976
Elk River, MN ERVM5 August 1949
Fairmont, MN FIRM5 January 1886
Fairbault, MN FRBM5 January 1896
Farmington, MN FRMM5 January 1888
Forest Lake, MN FORM5 October 1958
Gaylord, MN GLDM5 October 1956
Glenwood, MN GWDM5 August 1940
Granite Falls, MN GTEM5 August 1978
Hastings, MN HSTM5 January 1932
Hutchinson, MN HSNM5 September 1957
Jordan, MN JDNM5 August 1942
Lamberton, MN LMBM5 October 1960
Litchfield, MN LCHM5 January 1938
Little Falls, MN LTFM5 January 1909
Long Prairie, MN LGPM5 January 1912
Lower St. Anthony Falls, MN LSAM5 August 1991
Madison, MN MADM5 January 1939
Mankato, MN MKAM5 July 1984
Melrose, MN MLRM5 November 1954
Milaca, MN MLCM5 January 1902
Milan, MN MLNM5 June 1893
Minneapolis, MN MSPM5 January 1938
Montevideo, MN MVOM5 January 1889
Montgomery, MN MGMM5 August 1933
Mora, MN MRAM5 January 1904
Morris, MN MRRM5 January 1885
New Hope, MN NHPM5 January 1983
New London, MN NEWM5 January 1898
New Ulm, MN NWUM5 June 1879
Olivia, MN OLVM5 January 1889
Onamia, MN ONMM5 October 1943
Owatonna, MN OWAM5 March 1961
Red Wing, MN RWGM5 January 1887
Red Wing (Dam 3), MN RDWM5 July 1939
Redwood Falls, MN RWDM5 December 1952
Rockford, MN RKFM5 January 1983
Rosemount, MN RSMM5 December 1950
Royalton, MN BLHM5 September 1940
Santiago 3 E, MN SATM5 September 1959
Sherburn 2 WSW, MN SHRM5 August 1978
Springfield, MN SPFM5 January 1936
Spring Park, MN SPKM5 July 2000
St. Francis, MN SFSM5 July 1985
St. James, MN STJM5 August 1940
St. Paul, MN SPLM5 November 1956
St. Peter, MN SPTM5 January 1889
Stewart/Brownton, MN SWTM5 December 1999
Stillwater, MN STLM5 July 1944
University of Minnesota - St. Paul, MN UMNM5 January 1978
Vadnais Lake, MN VADM5 May 1966
Vesta, MN VESM5 August 1940
Waseca, MN WASM5 January 1914
Wells, MN WELM5 January 1941
Wild River State Park, MN WLDM5 April 1988
Willmar, MN WLLM5 January 1906
Winnebago, MN WNNM5 January 1894
Winsted, MN WNSM5 August 1941
Young America, MN YNGM5 November 1954
Zumbrota, MN ZBRM5 July 1895
Amery, WI AMEW3 January 1921
Augusta, WI AGSW3 August 2002
Baldwin, WI BALW3 January 1946
Big Falls, WI BGFW3 February 1956
Bloomer, WI BMRW3 January 1943
Cedar Falls, WI MNOW3 June 1951
Chippewa Falls, WI CHFW3 August 1978
Cumberland, WI CBLW3 January 1931
Durand, WI DURW3 June 1948
Eau Claire, WI ECLW3 January 2000
Ellsworth, WI ELWW3 January 1941
Holcombe, WI HOLW3 January 1928
Jump River, WI JUMW3 August 1939
Ladysmith, WI LADW3 May 1941
Luck, WI LUCW3 October 1941
Menomonie, WI MENW3 August 1932
Rice Lake, WI RILW3 August 1939
Ridgeland, WI RIDW3 August 1939
River Falls, WI RVFW3 January 1917
St. Croix Falls, WI SCFW3 January 1950
Sheldon, WI SHEW3 July 1982
Spring Valley, WI SPRW3 August 1979
Stanley, WI STAW3 January 1902
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