NOAA'S National Weather Service
Weather Forecast Office
Marquette, MI


 Station Digest - A look at the National Weather Service in Marquette and Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Station History - A detailed look at the history of the National Weather Service's Weather Forecast Office Marquette.

The Staff of the Marquette National Weather Service Office

After each person is their NWS title and any special duties they perform. Click on a name to send an email to that individual.


  • Robin Turner Meteorologist in Charge (MIC) - Overseer of the personnel, operations and office functions
  • Mike Dutter  Science and Operations Officer (SOO) - Overseer of staff training and research
  • Matt Zika Warning Coordination Meteorologist (WCM) - Public Awareness programs, spotter training and office instruction
  • Tim Akom Electronic Systems Analyst (ESA) - Supervision of the electronics and the computer network programs. Safety Team Leader

        Support Staff

  • Jodi Woodall Administrative Assistant (ASA) - Handles files, forms, time keeping, bills and contracts (runs the office)
  • Gwen Akom Information Technology Officer (ITO) - AWIPS Program Manager/Assistant Webmaster/Warngen Program team member 
  • David Petrovich Observations Program Leader (OPL) - Data / CO-OP operations chief / Outreach, and NOAA Weather Radio (CRS)
  • Mark Stacey Electronics Technician - Maintains equiptment for the office, including the WSR-88D and remote weather observing stations. Environmental Focal Point

    Senior Forecasters

  • Jon Banitt Severe Weather Program Manager; Storm Verification
  • Kevin Crupi Climate Program Manager
  • Greg Michels Marine Program Manager
  • Don Rolfson Assistant Warning Coordination Meteorologist
  • Jon Voss Assistant Warning Coordination Meteorologist;  Storm Verification; Fire Weather Program Team Member

    General Forecasters

  • Jason Alumbaugh  Fire Weather, Aviation, WSR-88D, and Marine Team Member
  • Kari Fleegel  Incident Meteorologist(IMET); Fire Weather Program Manager; Environmental Focal Point; EEO & Diversity Team Leader; Aviation and Social Media Team Member
  • Steve Fleegel  Assistant SOO; IFPS-GFE/NOAA Weather Radio (CRS)/Drought/GIS - Situational Awareness and Social Media Team Leaders; Hydrology and Web Program Team Member
  • Justin Titus  Hydrology Program Manager; WSR-88D Program Manager; IFPS-GFE/SOO - Forecast Operations, Aviation, Social Media, and GIS Team Member

    Associate Forecasters

  • Todd Kluber  Aviation Program Manager; Social Media Co-Leader; GIS and Hydrology Team Member
  • Keith Cooley  Hydrology, Fire Weather, IFPS-GFE, Rip Current, and Webmaster Team Member
  • Jim Salzwedel  Hydrometeorological Technician
  • Vacant


Student Volunteers

  • Vacant

    National Weather Service Marquette
    County Warning Area

    The National Weather Service in Marquette provides warning and forecast service for 13 counties in west and central Upper Michigan, the adjacent nearshore waters of Lake Superior and Lake Michigan, and the open waters of Lake Superior.
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