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Click on the links below to learn about the various hazards, beach safety, and NWS forecasts that can keep you aware of hazardous lake conditions!

Remember, Know BEFORE you go! Before you head to the beach, check the Recreational Beach Forecast for hazardous conditions!

Beach Hazards

1An Overview of Dangerous Current Incidents Across the Great Lakes

2. Hazardous Wave Action on the Great Lakes

3. Rip Currents on the Great Lakes

4. Structural Currents and Longshore Currents on the Great Lakes

5. Channel Currents on the Great lakes [Including Picnic Rocks, MI]

6. Hypothermia on the Great Lakes: [US Coast Guard]


Beach Safety

1. Beach Safety and the Flag System

2. National Weather Service Beach Forecasts and Beach Hazard Statements

3. Rip Current Videos: How to ID & Escape Rip Currents [NOAA/USLA] 


National Pages, Water Safety Groups, and Educational Resources

1. National Rip Current Page (NOAA)

2. National Beach Hazards Page (NOAA)

3. Great Lakes Surf and Rescue Project (NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION)

4. SeaGrant Dangerous Currents Page (resources-educational materials)


 Upper Michigan Specific Links

1. The Marquette National Weather Service Beach Hazards Program

2. City of Marquette Waterfront Safety Webpage

 3. NWS Marquette Beach Recreation Forecast (Alger and Marquette Counties only)


Read about the Great Lakes Current Incident Database:

1. All About the Great lakes Current Incident Database

2. The Great Lakes Current Incident Database Season Summaries:


3. References for the Webpage

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