Today in History for August 1st

Climate records for today:

Highest temp recorded: 92 degrees F
Lowest temp recorded: 42 degrees F
Average high temp for today: 75 degrees F
Average low temp for today: 53 degrees F
Average data is based on 34 to 35 years (1971 to 2005) at Marquette Airport and WFO Marquette, Negaunee, MI.
Record data is based on 50 years (1961 to 2011) at Marquette Airport and WFO Marquette, Negaunee, MI.

Today in the UP:

Shipwreck-gale and high waves

On August 1, 1880, the wood schooner Tom Boy, while carrying over 2,000 kegs blasting powder, sprang a leak in heavy seas during a gale and foundered 2 miles offshore off Presque Isle, northwest of Marquette in Lake Superior while trying to make Marquette. The crew just had time to cut away her yawl before she went down, and they were picked up by the steamer Selah Chamberlain 3 hours later. Her skipper later said it had been his ninth shipwreck.


On August 1, 1976, after a very dry spring and summer, a lightning strike in late July started the Seney fire. This was the first day the fire was spotted by a plane for the Michigan DNR. It was 1/4 acre in size at that time. Rainfall for June through August 1976 was 38 percent of normal. Only 0.50 inch fell in Marquette for the month of August. The water table at the Seney National Wildlife Refuge was a foot below normal allowing old vegetation, peat and dried out muck to burn. The Seney Wildlife Refuge did a prescribed burn test fire of 1 acre that could not be put out and was a separate fire.

Severe thunderstorms

On August 1, 2002, three areas of severe storms moved across the U.P. with widespread tree damage along with power outages and flooding rain. Republic saw over 5 inches of rain this day. A 6 inch diameter tree was snapped off 3 miles east southeast of Wetmore at 1437 EST with gusts as high as 69 mph and nine inch diameter trees were blown down 7.4 miles west southwest of Steuben at 1450 EST and a one foot diameter tree was blown down in Steuben at 1452 EST. There were also numerous trees blown down with 75 mph wind gusts at 1450 EST 18 miles northwest of Nahma. A tree was blown down on M-123 15 miles north of Newberry at 1525 EST. Numerous 18 inch diameter trees were blown down 8 miles southeast of Three Lakes at 1155 EST with gusts up to 81 mph. Widespread severe thunderstorms struck Upper Michigan as a strong surface low pressure center moved northeast into Ontario and its attendant warm and cold fronts interacted with a warm, moist and unstable airmass over the northwest Great Lakes. Thunderstorms first developed in Upper Michigan during the pre-dawn hours over the west, then continued off and on through the day before exiting Luce and Schoolcraft Counties late in the afternoon. Trees were knocked down in Tahquamenon Falls State Park in the early morning. There were numerous reports of wind damage, large hail, and torrential flooding rains. Wind gusts estimated as high as 80 mph near Houghton peeled a roof off a warehouse, overturned a truck, and downed numerous trees and power lines. Numerous trees were blown down in Hermansville at 0710 EST. One thunderstorm bombarded Escanaba with golf ball-sized hail (1.75 inch) at 0736 EST and dropped enough rain to inundate the intersection of US-2, M-35, and US-41 with a foot of water. Nearby Gladstone measured 2.06 inches of rain and Wetmore in Alger County logged 2.40 inches in a short time. Winds to 65 mph blew the roof off of a house in Ewen at 0455 EST. Numerous 6 inch diameter hardwood trees were blown down 3 miles east of Wakefield at 0500 EST. Winds to 60 mph blew down numerous trees and power lines in Bruce Crossing at 0500 EST. Trees were downed at Eagle Harbor, Lac La Belle, Copper Harbor, Gay and Eagle River at 0508 EST with gusts up to 81 mph. Numerous trees were blown down 19 miles north of Iron River at 0525 EST. Trees were blown down across power lines at Watersmeet at 0520 EST and a two foot diameter pine tree was blown down across power lines 4 miles east of Watersmeet at 0527 EST. A wind gust to 70 mph brought down trees across Highway 26 and knocked down electric power and telephone lines at Donken at 0453 EST. Six inch diameter trees were blown down in Dollar Bay at 0500 EST. Numerous trees were blown down 2 miles south of Kenton at 0525 EST. A 62 mph wind gust was recorded 7 miles west of Marquette at 0555 EST. A one foot diameter tree was blown down across power lines in Harvey at 0615 EST. Four inch diameter branches were broken off in Watson at 0655 EST. A 60 mph wind gust broke off a 16 inch diameter tree branch that fell on a motor home 20 miles north of Newberry at 0700 EST. A 60 mph thunderstorm wind gust was reported by a ship on Lake Superior 2 miles north of Grand Marais, MI at 0745 EST. 1.50 inch hail (ping pong ball sized) fell at 1130 EST 16 miles north of Iron River. Later, numerous trees and power lines were down along US-45 at Watersmeet at 1145 EST with gusts up to 81 mph. Large trees were blown down on Brooks Street in Michigamme at 1203 EST. Numerous trees were blown down 7 miles southeast of Watersmeet at 1254 EST. Several small trees were snapped off and 8 inch diameter branches were broken off in Amasa at 1255 EST and a 1 foot diameter tree was blown down 19 miles northeast of Iron River at 1256 EST. Moran had a 58 mph gust at 1640 EST. Numerous 14-16 inch diameter trees were blown down 4 miles north of Hessel at 1645 EST.

Severe thunderstorms

On August 1, 2008, severe thunderstorms produced large hail and damaging wind over portions of central Upper Michigan in the afternoon. Six inch diameter trees were downed and penny sized hail fell at Cornell and large branches were knocked down. 1.5 inch hail (ping pong ball sized) caused damage to cars and several trees and many branches were knocked down with one downed tree greater than one foot in diameter and a large poplar tree was also snapped 1 mile north of Carbondale. 2 inch hail (hen egg sized) fell 1 mile south of Carbondale. Several one to two foot diameter trees were snapped off and uprooted between Beattie Creek Lane and Number 7 Road. Damage occurred on the east and west side of Highway M-35 1 mile north of Ingallston. A two foot diameter rotted elm tree was knocked down in Wells. A six-inch diameter tree limb and several three-inch diameter branches were knocked down in Escanaba. Golf ball sized hail (1.75 inch) fell 2 miles south of Stonington. Six-inch diameter branches were knocked down and pea-sized hail fell along Highway US-2 west of Escanaba.

Today in History 08-01

Fun Facts
1291 Everlasting League forms basis of Swiss Confederation --Nat'l Day
1584 Swiss Confederation Day
1753 Lammas Day
1785 Caroline Herschel becomes 1st woman discoverer of a comet
1789 US Customs begins enforcing Tariff Act
1790 1st US census
1794 Whiskey Rebellion
1798 Battle of Nile
1852 SF Methodists establish 1st black church Zion Methodist
1869 1st voyage down Colorado River
1876 Colorado becomes 38th state
1881 US Quarantine Station authorized for Angel Island SF Bay
1901 Burial within SF City limits prohibited
1903 1st coast-to-coast automobile trip --SF-NY completed
1907 Bank of Italy opens 1st branch at 3433 Mission Street SF
1916 Hawaii National Park established
1946 Pres Truman establishes Atomic Energy Commission
1950 Guam Territory created
1953 Cal introduces its Sales Tax --for Education
1957 1st commercial building heated by sun Albuquerque NM
1958 1st Class postage up to 4 cents --had been 3 cents for 26 years
1960 Benin --Dahomey gains independence from France
1961 New SF Hall of Justice opens
1966 Charles Whitman climbs U of Texas tower & shoots 12 dead
1971 CBS presents 6 Wives of Henry VIII
1973 Munson & Fisk get into a brawl at Fenway Park
1975 Helsinki Pact guaranteeing boundaries rights signed by 35 nations
1975 Billy Martin replaces Bill Virdon as manager
1981 MTV premiers is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.