Spotter Report Entry Form

You are invited to submit snowfall reports to the National Weather Service in Marquette provided the snowfall occurred within our county warning area (west and central Upper Michigan). Your reports are invaluable to us, and we appreciate your taking the time to send us this information.

Please provide us with the following information:

  • Your name and e-mail address
  • The date and time during which the reported snowfall occurred
  • The location of the event (including the county, city/town, and street if possible)
  • Your phone number (this is optional, but will be helpful in case we need to contact you to verify the report or obtain additional information)
  • To ensure that you make an accurate measurement, we suggest you read the National Weather Service snow measurement guidelines.
  • If you would prefer to submit a more detailed report (or a report for weather events other than snowfall), please click here.
Your Name : These are optional, but there may be times when we would want to contact you to verify your report or to obtain additional information about an event.
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You do not need to make changes to items for which you are not submitting data. Please use numbers only, anything else will not be saved. Thank you.
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Be sure to click the "Submit Report" button when finished. Thank you.