National Weather Service
North Central River Forecast Center  Twin Cities/Chanhassen MN
1005 AM CST Tue Feb 19 2013

...Mississippi River and Illinois River Ice Statement...

                Ice cover conditions as of 02/19/13
Mississippi River
  Ice depths varied from about 5 to 21 inches at the pools of 
Dams 1 through 13...with the thickest report coming from Dam 6.
The St Paul Corps took ice measurements in Lake Pepin on
February 13 and came up with an average depth of approximately 
19 to 20 inches. Ice depths have been increasing over the last
week in many locations...most notably...the depth at Dam 11 has
now grown to 14 inches or more. 
  For the locations south of Dam 13...variable amounts of mostly
shore ice existed down to about Dam 17...but it is likely that
rapid new ice development is occurring along this stretch today
due to the bitterly cold air that has invaded the region recently.

Illinois River System (Chicago/Illinois R)
  There was a generally light coverage of ice in the far north...
with no ice indicated elsewhere. 
Data source: US Army Corps of Engineers Lock Status Report at
Current conditions as of 02/19/13:
See the comments above for details. 

Outlook for next 7 days:
Temperatures are as much as 20 degrees below normal today and are
only expected to just slowly improve starting about Thursday...
returning to near normal next Sunday. Based on this this...some
rapid new and increased ice development on the Mississippi River 
may occur over the next few days all the way down to northern
Missouri...with things tapering off somewhat after Thursday.
Due to warmer water temperatures on the Illinois River...ice
development is expected to be significantly less there. 

Ice jams are a possibility on some tributary rivers...especially in
Wisconsin and other nearby areas. These locations will be monitored 

The next Ice Statement will be released on Tuesday..Feb 26 2013.




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