National Weather Service
North Central River Forecast Center  Twin Cities/Chanhassen MN
1010 AM CST Tue Mar 19 2013

...Mississippi River and Illinois River Ice Statement...

                Ice cover conditions as of 03/19/13
Mississippi River
  Ice depths varied considerably...with the thickest amounts...
other than what is in Lake Pepin....being reported in the pools 
of Dams 8 through 11. Ice depths in this stretch ranged from about
5 to 10 inches. Lake Pepin ice measurements taken back on March 13
averaged 22 inches.
  Elsewhere on the mainstem Mississippi...the reports seem to
indicate that much of the ice previously in place has disappeared 
...but now there may be floating chunks of ice moving through...
especially along the stretch where the Iowa and northern
Illinois tributaries come in. 
Illinois River System (Chicago/Illinois R)
  No ice was reported on the Illinois river.
Data source: US Army Corps of Engineers Lock Status Report at
Current conditions as of 03/19/13:
See the comments above for details. 

Outlook for next 7 days:
We had a late start to this ice-making season...but now it
appears that this is the Winter that does not want to end.
Much below normal tmeperatures are being forecast for the
next several days...especially up north where Minneapolis
will dip down to zero degrees Fahrenheit both Tuesday and
Wednesday nights. A very small warmup is anticipated for the
upcoming weekend...but overall the air temperatures in the
Upper Midwest are expected to remain well below normal for the
next 2 weeks...possibly even longer. Based on this...
there probably will be ice increases seen on the Mississippi
generally north of about the Missouri-Iowa border over the
next several days...with the heaviest increases coming in 
the Minnesota and Wisconsin regions.

The next Ice Statement will be released on Tuesday..Mar 26 2013.




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