National Weather Service
North Central River Forecast Center  Twin Cities/Chanhassen MN
910 AM CST Tue Apr 2 2013

...Mississippi River and Illinois River Ice Statement...

                Ice cover conditions as of 04/02/13
Mississippi River
  There still was some ice around Dams 6..8..and 9...but water
temperatures are gradually warming up...helping to diminish what
is left and move it out. 
  Then there is the thick ice that remains in Lake Pepin.
Measurements taken there on March 27 averaged around 23 inches
between mile markers 766 and 779. New measurements will be taken
by the St Paul Corps of Engineers tomorrow...April 3. 

Illinois River System (Chicago/Illinois R)
  No ice was reported on the Illinois river.
Data source: US Army Corps of Engineers Lock Status Report at
Current conditions as of 04/02/13:
See the comments above for details. 

Outlook for next 7 days:
Temperatures today are still below normal across the region...but
they should be warming up soon to near normal in the next couple
of days. This means that we are pretty much done with ice-making
and the big question now is how long will it take for the 
ice in Lake Pepin to deteriorate and break up. Considering that
there still is 23 inches along an almost 15-mile stretch....it is
possible that it may take another week or two...depending on what
the air temperatures actually do. Then there will be the influences
of increasing river flows and possible future rain events that may
help speed up the process to a certain degree. Time will tell.

The next...and hopefully last...Ice Statement will be released on
Tuesday..Apr 9 2013.




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