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North Central River Forecast Center  Twin Cities/Chanhassen MN
940 AM CST Tue Feb 18 2014

...Mississippi River and Illinois River Ice Statement...

                Ice cover conditions as of 02/18/14
Mississippi River
Much of the Mississippi has at least 12 to 24 inches of ice..or more..
from around Dam 1 down through Dam 22. South of there...the ice 
is not quite as thick...but even Lock and Dam 25 just a little ways
above St Louis was reporting 100 percent coverage of 10 inches of
stationary ice just this morning.

Illinois River System (Chicago/Illinois R)
The Illinois Waterway has quite a bit of ice also...with thicknesses
ranging generally from about 6 to 10 inches in the south...to as
much as 18 inches way up north.

Data source: US Army Corps of Engineers Lock Status Report at
Current conditions as of 02/18/14:
See the comments above for details. We have lots of ice this year
due to a very long stretch of bitterly cold temperatures with few
or hardly any breaks in the overall cold pattern that began last 

Outlook for next 7 days:
Temperatures are going to be very warm this afternoon...running 
from around 40 in Minneapolis to as high as 68 in St Louis...
then continue somewhat mild through Thursday before cold air
returns once again this weekend. Based on this scenario...
we anticipate that some ice will likely deteriorate and diminish
in the south over the next few days. However...the process may be
relatively slow because the ice is so well established that it will
take some extra heat energy just to start the turn around from the 
buildup that has been stubbornly going on for the last three months. 

If ice does begin to break up and move...ice jams may develop in
some locations. We will keep a close wtach out for this potential

The next Ice Statement will be released on Tuesday..Feb 25 2014.




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