National Weather Service
North Central River Forecast Center  Twin Cities/Chanhassen MN
935 AM CST Tue Feb 25 2014

...Mississippi River and Illinois River Ice Statement...

                Ice cover conditions as of 02/25/14
Mississippi River
Much of the Mississippi has at least 10 to 24 inches of ice
from around Dam 1 down towards Dam 22. From southeast Iowa down
into Missouri and Illinois...a short run of warm air combined with
rain and snowmelt last week caused some breakup...movement...and 
consequent jamming....so conditions are much more variable now 
from Dam 22 down towards St Louis. For example...at the moment...
very little to no ice was reported at Dam 22 while Dam 26 further
south had 100 percent coverage of 6 inches of running ice.

Illinois River System (Chicago/Illinois R)
The Illinois Waterway has quite a bit of ice also...with thicknesses
of about 5 to 10 inches in the north...while the south has
temporarily lost some ice or seen it move around quite a bit just
like the southern portions of the Mississippi River did over
the last few days.

Data source: US Army Corps of Engineers Lock Status Report at
Current conditions as of 02/25/14:
See the comments above for details. We have had lots of ice this year
due to a very long stretch of bitterly cold temperatures with few
or hardly any breaks in the overall cold pattern that began last 

Outlook for next 7 days:
Pretty much our whole area is in the deep freeze once again with
low temperatures this morning running from about 10 below in
Minneapolis Minnesota to only 15 above down south in Hannibal
Missouri where it is forecast to drop down even further to about
4 above tomorrow night. This cold air is expected to remain
around for a long time...being occasionally reinforced by Arctic
blasts pushing into the entire Upper Midwest. Based on this...
we anticipate that there will be a new round of ice development
over the next few days...especially from Iowa northward.

The next Ice Statement will be released on Tuesday..Mar 4 2014.




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