Image of the Day - Satellite Image of a Snow Free South Dakota

The image below is a 1000m resolution, "true color" image from the MODIS satellite valid today - 1 February 2012.  A couple interesting features noted on the image are described below:

  •  Areas in "brown" are predominantly void of snow.  As such - a vast majority of South Dakota is completely snow free!  Obviously, this is quite rare for the 1st of February.
  • The "brown ground" is able to absorb much more solar energy, which allows temperatures to warm. This is a major reason why temperatures have remained above normal. 
  • Residual areas of snowcover (white) are confined to the Black Hills region in western South Dakota and the Glacial Lakes region in northeastern South Dakota. 
  • A large section of Lake Oahe north of Pierre is free of ice (dark blue color).  Again, very rare for early February. 


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