Widespread frost overnight

Canadian high pressure will settle over the northern Great Lakes overnight, setting the stage for frost development, especially across nothern lower Michigan. Inland areas will fall into the lower and middle 30s, with localized colder locations expected to dip into the upper 20s. These temperatures may damage vulnerable and sensitive vegetation.   

This will be the second occurrence of frost for many areas this season, which may seem a little early compared to normal. Climatologically, mid to late September is the average range of the first 32 degree temperature for many parts of northern Michigan. The exception to this timing are locations closer to the Great Lakes, which frequently do not see freezing conditions until mid or late October. See the map below for our latest temperature forecast and the average dates of the first 32 and 28 degree temperatures throughout the region.

Forecast Low Temperatures Tonight

Typical Dates of First 32°F Temperature

Typical Dates of First 28°F Temperature

For additional information on weather conditions across Michigan, visit the National Weather Service web pages from Grand Rapids, Detroit, and Marquette.

Also, be sure to view our latest Hazardous Weather Briefing for all the latest details directly from local NWS meteorologists.



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