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Latest Message to COOP Observers

Summer slowly transitions to fall...

 COOP Observers, this page has been developed to be more specific to Northern Michigan and useful to you.  We will make changes to this page through the upcoming year.

We appreciate all you do.


Thank you again,
Keith, Scott (updated 8/17/2011)


Tips, Tricks and Reminders


Summer Daily Report….Misc Reminders: 

Entering daily data....

1)  Snowfall data should be entered as 0 even in the summer. Please enter 0's for snowfall and snowdepth...otherwise data left blank will be noted as missing....even though actually no snow fell and snowdepth was really 0.

2)    If any element in your daily observation was missing…then please enter an “M” for that element instead of leaving it blank.

3)    If an entire day or days are missing, then enter “M”’s for each recorded element instead of leaving them blank.  


Seasonal Reminders

Snowfall Reminder

 CoCoRahs Snowfall slide show
















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