24 Hour Northern Michigan Rainfall Ending Wed Morning

 Beneficial Rain, For Some

With Gaylord experiencing their driest July on record, hopefully the 24 hour storm total precipitation for the period ending 8 am Wednesday morning, is not an indication of things to come. Once again there is an area of lesser amounts of rainfall over the Gaylord area, as indicated from the reported rainfall taken at the Gaylord Regional Airport, which recorded only 0.34 inches of rain during the aforementioned 24 hour period and by estimation from the Doppler Radar. While this is good that they received any rain at all, the areas around the Gaylord area received anywhere from upwards to 2 inches of rain. A great example is our forecast office, which is located just 9 miles south-southwest of the city of Gaylord, which received 1.23 inches of rain in the same 24 hour period!

You can see the swath of darker grey extending through Charlevoix County, northern Otsego County and into central Montmorency County from our Doppler Radar, with the city of Gaylord residing in that swath, this is of course the area which seen the lower rainfall amounts last month. Another extreme example would be from northwestern Missaukee County with radar estimates of only 0.06 inches to only 17 miles to the west in central Wexford County, which is estimated to have received 3.93 inches of rain! The largest rainfall amount was near Big Rapids which is estimated by our radar to be 6.13 inches, with an official report from Roben-Hood Airport of 5.97 inches!  The reports that we have received, located in our Regional Temperature and Weather Report, shows that our radar did a very good job estimating the storm total precipitations in northern Michigan.

NWS Gaylord Doppler Radar Storm Total Precipitation Ending 8 am on Aug 3rd, 2011.

NWS Gaylord Doppler Radar 24 Hour Storm Total Precipitation: Ending 8:22am EDT on Aug 3rd, 2011.

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